‘Revenge’: Who Took a Shocking Tumble?

Revenge (ABC)

Two different characters are knocked unconscious in this week’s episode of “Revenge.”  That’s the mark of a great episode.

Emanda (Emily VanCamp) plays the recording of her mother on the phone with the WHM for Aiden.  He sincerely expresses surprise that it’s her mother. He tells her he found the key to the motel that Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) manages in the WHM’s pocket. He does, however, claim that he is not the mythical detective Lasky. Why be honest? That’s the motto of every character on this show. He spouts a bunch of Takeda-lite platitudes about how her mother could destroy her.

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Conrad (Henry Czerny) tells Victoria (Madeline Stowe) he has been summoned by the Initiative. He tells Daniel (Joshua Bowman) he has to go to a stockholder meeting. Conrad has conveniently installed surveillance cameras all over the house. He asks Ashley (Ashley Madekewe) to keep tabs on Daniel.

Daniel later tells Ashley that Victoria’s kidnapping was faked and that the money that Conrad claims was ransom was actually used to prop up Grayson’s failing financials. He does not tell her that even Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) found out about it before he did. He announces he has a plan. The odds are high that it’s not a very good one. He gets suspicious when she ignores a call from Conrad. He steals her phone and checks her voicemail and learns she is working with Conrad. Daniel searches his father’s computer files. He and Ashley lie to each other about why they are working late. Ashley gets him to admit he would turn on his father but Daniel points out that Conrad would screw them all over.

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Amily (Margarita Leveiva) moves out of the Stowaway and into Emanda’s house. Amily blames Emanda for the demise of her relationship with Jack. Emanda explains that she needed Amily to tip Victoria off to the existence of David’s journals because her mother is alive. Sure enough, Victoria invites Amily to dinner and wants her to bring the journal. Emanda begs her to sell the journals to Victoria so she can see how Victoria writes the name “Clarke” and compare it to the signature on her mother’s admission papers to the mental hospital. She could simply expedite this process by having Amily request that Victoria send her a written invitation. Amily says she will think about it.

Padma scolds Nolan (Gabriel Mann) about his unopened mail. Emanda interrupts to ask if he hacked into the Grayson security system. Since his company owns the security firm they hired, it was easy. Now she can watch the Gryason Channel from the comfort of her home. She is still cold to him, because Emanda still does not properly appreciate the awesomeness of Nolan, and to set up a contrast with Padma who is panting after him like the puppies that chased Emanda through the maze last week.

Padma shows Nolan a letter from his father’s estate attorney. His belongings are about to be auctioned off. Nolan had no idea his father (or “father” if you believe he is Emanda’s sibling) died. Mann does a great job of silently portraying someone who wants to cry, but doesn’t want to break down in front of an employee, and is taken aback by how sad he is about someone he hadn’t spoken to in years. He manages to convey all of that in about 20 seconds. He reads the obituary of his dad online. Based on the photo, Papa Nolan was a cop who looked nothing like his son. Padma retrieves Papa Nolan’s scrapbook of Nolan’s accomplishments  from the storage unit. He starts crying, in a rare completely sincere moment on this show. At the storage unit Padma finds Nolan’s petition to make Tetris an exhibition sport at the ’92 Olympics — just when you thought he couldn’t get more awesome. We learn Nolan founded NolCorp in his dad’s garage. His dad kicked him out when he said he wasn’t going back to school. Nolan tries to kiss Padma but leans too hard on a pile of cardboard boxes sending them, and himself, tumbling to the ground. It’s adorable. He stands up and manages to kiss her. Padma jokes about wanting to go to Paris and he offers to take him there. I again wonder why Nolan is not fending off a pack of determined gold-diggers of both genders. She stares enigmatically at a signed check from David Clarke. Yep. She’s got a secret agenda. Knowing this show, she might even be David Clarke in disguise.

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Amily, coached by Emanda via earpiece, reads Victoria the passage from the journal about David’s first meeting with Victoria. Victoria reiterates her offer to buy it. Amily says she just wants the truth about her mother, reading a passage claiming Victoria knows the truth about Kara. Victoria claims she never met her, but that she was the source of all of David’s pain. She then offers to throw Amily a baby shower.

Aiden goes back to Kara using his natural accent, claiming to work for the FBI (who always hires foreigners — come up with a better cover story, Aiden) and that the WHM’s cover has been compromised. She says she is going to stick to the plan and keep quiet. He points a gun at her and calls her Mrs. Clarke. She seems to buy his story, spinning a tale about how the WHM told her to give a hard drive to anyone who knew the information he did. She gives it to him then awesomely tazes him while he is plugging it in. He wakes up tied to a chair. Kara demands to know whether he is working for the Graysons or the Initiative revealing Gordon was her husband! She puts tape over his mouth and leaves. Aiden uses his Takeda skills to escape.

Conrad meets with a woman from the Initiative. He wants assurance that she can control the WHM. She assures him they are searching for him.

In the story nobody cares about, the Stowaway fails its inspection. The man Declan (Connor Paolo) robbed demands 20 grand to compensate for the losses. Dumb Jack is determined to pay his brother’s debt. It turns out the man is scheming with Declan’s sleazy thief classmate to acquire the Stowaway. Why not just offer to buy it?

At the baby shower, Amily shows up with her stripper friends. Ha! Amily tells Emanda her strippers are a great distraction.  Victoria gives her a blank baby journal. Inside is a check for 100 grand. Amily says it is appropriate and thanks her. She feigns exhaustion. Emanda sneaks into the bathroom and shows Amily the log from the hospital. It matches Victoria’s signature on the check. She now has proof that Victoria signed Kara into the mental hospital. Amily confronts Victoria who claims David was protecting her because Kara tried to kill Amily. As they struggle over the log, Amily loses her balance and goes flying over the stairs onto the floor below.

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Kara hears a a report of “Amanda’s” fall at the Grayson estate on the radio. At the hospital, the doctor asks Jack whether to save Amily in the baby. Emanda tells him that Amily picked the baby. Jack’s man tears are not as moving as Nolan’s. The doctor has to put Amily is a medically induced coma. The baby is in the NICU but is alive.

Conrad comes home to find the maid mopping up blood. Victoria tells him about Amily’s fall and the hospital log. She think Amily has an accomplice. Daniel overhears Ashley tells Conrad that there is nothing to report about Daniel and she is done being Conrad’s spy. Daniel “rewards” her with sex.

Aiden leaves a message for Emanda as she walks down the hallway to find Kara comforting an unconscious Amily! Then Emanda flashes back to Kara trying to drown her. She really was crazy and Victoria was telling the truth.

Emanda goes home, freaked out. Aiden gets to her house and comforts her. At first she slaps him away, which is a cruel thing to do to the man who got tazed for you,  but finally she lets him embrace her.

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