Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell Complete Their ‘X Factor’ Teams with ‘Unlikeable’ Contestants

Cece Frey performs on "The X Factor" (Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

After Fox’s programming mess-up last Thursday, we had to wait an extra week to find out who made the final cuts on Simon Cowell’s Groups team and Demi Lovato’s Young Adults team on “The X Factor,” and the choices weren’t easy, since both Simon and Demi admitted to not actually liking one of each of their contestants.

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Last week, we found out who Britney Spears and LA Reid were taking to the live shows on their Teens and Over 25s teams, respectively. Plus, Demi got through two contestants, Jennel Garcia and Willie Jones, who both made it onto her live-show team.

On Tuesday, Demi continued to slash the second half of her contestants, getting rid of rapper Nick Youngerman and, sadly, her bullied kindred spirit, Jillian Jensen.

Moving on are Paige Thomas, and with some hesitance, it seems, CeCe Frey. CeCe, sans leopard spots on her face for the first time, tried to appear humble and moved by the whole experience, moving her face as if she were crying, although not actually shedding any tears. Demi again didn’t shy away from insulting CeCe as an unlikable person, even at the end of the episode when she recapped who made it onto her team. Anyone you have to introduce by admitting, “she may not be the most likable person in the competition,” spells trouble.

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Weirdly, the show saved the Groups elimination for last, even though the Groups are always the ones we don’t really care about.

Simon’s choices were fairly obvious: hip-hop group Lyric 145 made it through first, and boring Dope Crisis were sent home. Emblem3 have been a Simon favorite since their audition, and they of course made it to the live shows.

Simon had to choose between two groups that were both newly manufactured—boy band Playback and girl group LYLAS. While Playback did an outdated, stuck-in-the-‘90s performance, LYLAS had super-tight harmonies that won them a spot in the live shows.

When Sister C was up, in his torturous speech before giving them his answer, Simon told them that making it on this show was, in addition to vocals, a matter of “personality and likability.” There’s that word again!

But despite Sister C being pegged as unlikable, Simon told them he’s confident that eventually, America will like them. We’ll see about that next week when live performances begin on November 1.

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Here’s the final headcount:

Team Simon: LYLAS, Emblem3, Sister C and Lyric 145.

Team Demi: CeCe Frey, Paige Thomas, Jennel Garcia and Willie Jones.

Team Britney: Beatrice Miller, Diamond White, Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Arin Ray

Team LA: David Correy, Jason Brock, Tate Stevens, and Vino Alan

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