‘Parenthood’ Tearjerker: Kristina Undergoes Surgery

"Parenthood": Monica Potter as Kristina Braverman -- (Photo by: Danny Feld/NBC)

This week’s episode of “Parenthood” is a tearjerker. Kristina (Monica Potter) prepares for her lumpectomy. The rest of the Bravermans are determined to help her, even though their attention is more annoying than comforting. Crosby (Dax Shepard) volunteers to walk the dog and bring take out food over the night before Kristina’s surgery. On his watch, the dog gets into a fight at the dog park and needs stitches. He is also late with the take out. Crosby, you suck at life. Haddie (Sarah Romos) offers to take a semester off from Cornell to help out. Adam and Kristina are adamantly against the idea. Julia makes a chart so that the siblings can drop by the hospital waiting room in shifts.

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Max (Max Burkholder) has to give his middle school election speech on the same day as Kristina’s surgery. Kristina is upset that she won’t be able to go and wants Adam to attend while she is having surgery. Haddie volunteers to go to Max’s speech. Duh. She was class president in high school.  Kristina breaks down while giving Haddie advice about how to handle Max. Haddie gives Max a pre-speech pep talk. When it’s his turn, he fiddles with the mic, then then gives as moving speech about how his Aspergers will make him be a good president. The students give him a standing ovation. As I suspected, his pro-candy vending machine stance appeals to his classmates and he wins the election.

Kristina goes into surgery leaving behind a freaked out Adam (Peter Krause). When she wakes up, Kristina immediately asks about Max. Adam tells her that he won. The doctor tells her that the analysis of the tumor revealed that it was a more aggressive form of cancer and she will need chemotherapy. Watch the scene and see if you can make it through without crying.

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They lie to Haddie so she will go back to school. That’s going to come back to bite them.

Meanwhile, Sarah (Lauren Graham) is preparing to move in with Mark (Jason Ritter). Drew (Miles Hizer) doesn’t want to go. Hank (Ray Romano) stops by because he thinks Sarah took the day off work because of last episode’s kiss. It’s awkward. When they get to Mark’s, Drew logically points out that Sarah forced him to move in the middle of his senior year and didn’t take his feelings into consideration. Mark turns out not to have cable. Hey Drew, have you heard of a sight called Xfinity? It’s going to save your life. Hank asks Sarah if she moved in because of the kiss. She says no, which is a total lie. Mark gets cable because he is the nicest guy on earth. Sarah apologizes to Drew and says she won’t force him to stay. He seems touched by the cable gesture and willing to attempt life with Mark.

Ryan (Matt Lauria)  stops by the Luncheonette at Zeek’s suggestion. Amber (Mae Whitman) asks if he’s interested in music. He says, “I’m interested in you.” That’s awesome. Marry him, Amber.  He asks her out. She sensibly says yes. There is a little bit of first date awkwardness. Ryan thinks she doesn’t like him, but she explains that she is concerned about Kristina’s surgery. He gives her a napkin to dry her tears. A gentleman! Amber invites him in but he politely declines and doesn’t kiss her good night, perhaps haunted by a night in Dillon, Texas when he had sex with a girl he barely knew and she ended up getting an abortion. Amber feels rejected. He drops by the next day with flowers! Amber is confused because she is used to dating sleazes. She has never had a guy turn down an invitation to her place. He explains that he likes her and does not want to screw things up by moving too fast. Chivalry lives!

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