Ellen DeGeneres Drives Taylor Swift Crazy with Ex-Boyfriend Photos, Giant Bell

by | October 25, 2012 at 12:30 PM | Ellen

Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres (Warner Bros/Telepictures)

Taylor Swift really likes writing songs about her ex-boyfriends.  (Conor Kennedy, get ready.)

What she doesn’t like, however, is when people ask her which ex a song is about. She especially doesn’t like it when the person asking is Ellen DeGeneres. And she really doesn’t like it when Ellen makes her to ring a giant bell while being shown photos of exes who she’ll never “ever, ever, ever [be] getting back together” with.

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What’s at issue with this exercise, an obviously annoyed, uncooperative Swift says in the below clip from Thursday’s “Ellen,” is that she doesn’t want to receive “angry emails” from these exes if she fesses up. Also, revealing those details would strip her of her “last shred of dignity,” or something.

Of course Ellen doesn’t buy those excuses, so she continues to drive Taylor increasingly more crazy until she finally suffers a mini meltdown.

So…Is that a yes to Danny DeVito, then?