‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Let’s Get It On

"Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

This week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” marks a return to the happy, fun “Grey’s.” Other than the continued storylines involving Arizona’s amputation and Derek’s injured arm, there are no references to the plane crash. Everyone’s totally over it, or pretending to be by having a whole bunch of sex. Watch the opening montage of people getting it on below. You know you want to see it.

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Cristina (Sandra Oh) has a “sex friend” — her annoyingly perky boss. There is no explanation for how they initially hooked up. I’m going to guess that they went to a wild party at Prince’s house, since he lives in Minneapolis. Cristina is still actual friends with the elderly Dr. Thomas (William Daniels). She realizes the hospital wants to pressure him to retire because of his old-fashioned techniques. Her sex friend wants her to help make the case. She is furious. She challenges Craig to use a new technique without telling him why. Cristina learns that the board is hoping he will screw it up so they can fire him immediately. Cristina guides him through it and he does a great job. She blows off the sex friend to have platonic drinks with Dr. Thomas. He tells Cristina that he knows they are trying to push him out.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Grey-s-Anatomy/5191720111929016112/2296799826/I-Saw-Her-Standing-There/embed 580 476]

April (Sarah Drew) and Avery (Jesse Williams) are still getting it on and she is still feeling guilty about it. His mom, Katherine (Debbie Allen) and the Chief (James Pickens Jr.) are still having an affair. The Chief brings Katherine in to treat a man with an enlarged testicle that is approximately the size of a Smart Car. Katherine has April assist on the surgery and advises her that she is too uptight and needs to get laid, like she is. Avery finds out that his mother is at the hospital, and that she is still sleeping with Weber. Everyone is very immature about the giant testicle. Avery and Weber have a man to man talk, with Avery warning the Chief not hurt his mom and the Chief telling him to get used to their relationship.

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is being fitted for her first prosthetic.  She manages to not be a total bitch to the doctor who is helping her. But then Callie (Sara Ramirez)  comes in and she bites her head off. Callie tells Alex (Justin Chambers) that Arizona doesn’t know he performed the amputation. When she is fitted she won’t let the doctor help her. He leaves knowing she will be tempted to try to stand up on her own. She does get up, and has a moment where she seems to realize that she will be able to get her life back. She sees Alex and falls. He catches her. He tells her the pediatrics department needs her, and that Callie is trying. That night, when Callie announces she is going to sleep at Mark’s apartment, Arizona asks her to stay with her and watch reality TV. Please let this be the end of psycho angry Arizona.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) doesn’t tell Derek (Patrick Dempsey) that she has a challenging surgery with him. He learns about it from the interns he is teaching. Owen thinks Meredith hid it from Derek because he runs from stress, suggesting that Meredith is afraid he will move back to his trailer in the woods. Derek realizes Owen is thinking of Cristina. Derek assures Meredith that she can tell him about her cool surgeries. He lives vicariously through them. In fact, it’s Owen who ends up spending a lonely night at Derek’s trailer.

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