Letterman Challenges Trump to Produce His Own Birth Certificate

Donald Trump and David Letterman (Photos: NBC, CBS)

David Letterman sparred with Donald Trump Thursday night over Trump’s latest salvo in his battle to “prove” President Obama’s birth origins.

Letterman challenged Trump to produce his own birth certificate, and even referred to a public proposal Trump made to the President earlier in the week as “blackmail.”

Trump disagreed with that characterization, taking Letterman’s use of the b-word in stride. “I like to think of a President as above coercion or simple blackmail,” Letterman said to Trump when the real estate mogul and NBC reality-show star came on CBS’s “Late Show.”

“It’s not blackmail here,” Trump said calmly during a discussion of Trump’s new effort to document the President’s place of birth.

Trump came on the “Letterman” show to amplify the proposal he made via YouTube on Monday, in which he challenged the President to release to him various records from the President’s past that would prove the President was born in Hawaii.

The items Trump asked for: President Obama’s college transcripts and applications, and his passport applications and records. Documents such as these — especially the various applications — would likely contain an applicant’s own declaration, written in his own hand, of his place of birth.

Here’s Trump’s challenge to the President, from YouTube:
[iframe http://www.youtube.com/embed/MgOq9pBkY0I” 580 476]

In return for these documents, Trump said, he would immediately give the President a check for $5 million, made out to the charity or charities of the President’s choosing.

Ever since Trump issued this proposal, he’s been the butt of monologue jokes on every late-night show on every network — including the “Letterman” show.

“You feel we were unfair last night,” Letterman said to Trump Thursday night. “We were making ugly jokes.”

“You were tough! Wow!” Trump said.

Trump explained that he’s still not satisfied that President Obama has cleared up the doubts that still linger in the minds of some Americans about the President’s birthplace. If he wasn’t born in the United States, his presidency would be unconstitutional, Trump pointed out.

“[We] do have a thing called the Constitution,” said Trump, who then challenged Dave with this question, “Do you agree?”

“Yeah,” said Letterman, who then said he didn’t think there was any doubt about the President’s origins. “I think he probably was born where he says he was born — in Hawaii,” Dave said.

Trump jumped all over that statement, particularly Dave’s use of the word “probably.” “The word ‘probably’ is not a good word,” Trump said. “I think he might be, and probably would be too, but you can’t use the word ‘probably’ if you said he was definitely born here — no records in a hospital, you know little problems …”

“How long would it take you to get hold of your birth certificate right now?” Dave asked Donald.

“I could have it within an hour,” Trump said calmly. “It took Obama six years to get his birth certificate. John McCain wanted it, Hillary Clinton wanted it. It was never revealed until I got involved … But it took him six years to get his birth certificate. I could get you mine in less than an hour.”

The CBS Web site — CBS.com — has the video of Trump and Letterman right HERE.

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