‘Revenge’ Recap: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Emily VanCamp in "Revenge" (ABC)

Everyone gets down right chummy with their enemies and rivals on this week’s episode of “Revenge,” aptly titled “Forgiveness.” They are shacking up together and even proposing marriage. It’s enough human kindness to make a stripper wake up from her coma none the worse for wear.

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After waking up from another dream about her mother’s attempted infanticide, Emanda (Emily VanCamp) tells Aiden (Barry Sloane) that her father lied to her to protect her. Aiden claims he lied to her for the same protective reasons. Then he breaks the news that the White Haired Man, Gordon, was Kara’s (Jennifer Jason Leigh) husband. He reminds her she’s supposed to be revenging, not reconciling with her Mom. She is still pretending not to be happy that he is around. Their relationship is nowhere near as entertaining as Emanda and Nolan’s.

Kara waltzes into Grayson Manor like she owns the place and embraces Victoria (Madeline Stowe), saying she’s so glad she’s safe! She’s not just crazy. She’s got chutzpah. Kara asks if she knows where the WHM is, claiming she hadn’t seen him in 20 years until he mysteriously showed up a couple months ago. She thanks her for her kindness to “Amanda,” saying that the publicity is what enabled her to reunite with her daughter. She shows her a cut on her thumb and asks to wash up. Kara asks Victoria why she saved her all those years ago. Victoria says David let her believe Kara was dead for years.

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Aiden, using the facts to work undercover, tells Conrad his boss, Takeda, has lost confidence in Grayson. Conrad offers to show him the company’s financials to reassure Takeda. Danial (Joshua Bowman) and Ashley (Ashley Madekewe) meet with him. Ashley mentions right in front of him that there has been an inquiry about David Clarke’s employment contract. Way to be discreet, Ash. Aiden phones Emanda to fill her in.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) drops by the hospital to give Jack (Nick Wechsler) a cigar and learns that Kara is back. Nolan is wearing a shirt buttoned to the top with not tie. He is slowly reverting to nerd. Nolan shows up at Casa Emanda pissed that he wasn’t told about Kara’s return. He also tells her that his dad died, and that he is sad even though he did not die in prison after being framed. (Or did he? Ironic foreshadowing?) Emanda you are a sucky friend for making him resort to bonding with boring Padma. They use the Gryason Mansion spy cams to learn that Victoria and Conrad have invited Kara to crash. Jack phones to announce Amily (Margarita LeVeiva) is already out of her coma. This would be the perfect opportunity for her to wake up with amnesia and truly believe that she is Amanda Clarke. But she doesn’t even seem to have a scratch despite falling about twenty feet onto a hard surface. Jack, having almost lost her, has decided he wants them to be a family. Emanda watches them and flashes back to child Amanda asking David what happened to her mom. He tells her that Kara is “gone” which was technically true. Emanda apologizes to Amily for setting her up to get tossed over a staircase. Kara asks Emanda, who is babysitting while Amily gets some medical tests, if she can hold the baby. In a scene full of double meanings, Emanda asks what Amanda was like as a child. Kara recalls her as a sweet child with innate goodness. Emanda asks when she last saw her as Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) arrives carrying a plant.  Yes!!! Let’s hope he seduces Nolan away from Padma. He introduces himself to Kara saying “God, I love the Hamptons.” He asks her why she let her daughter think she was dead. Kara deflects. He helps Amily out of her wheelchair, taking a look at her bare back. Amily honestly tells Kara that she does not remember her. Emanda gives Kara a ride home. Emanda is clearly hoping that her mother will recognize her, even if she can’t admit it to herself. Kara claims she can’t believe David was a terrorist saying he was her first love but not her true love.

Emanda tells Amily that Kara tried to kill her when she was a child, since her quest for revenge does not include letting her mom kill a baby. Emanda overhears Kara heaping praise on Amily for being strong and independent. She says she was very sick for a long time and wasn’t in control of her actions. Kara and David made a choice to fake her deathwhile she got treatment in the mental hospital. Amily forgives her. Emanda tells her she did the right thing .Feeling guilty, she divulges that Jack really is her Baby Daddy. Amily is hurt that Emanda lied before, but is tempted to tell Jack the truth about her identity because, hey, everybody’s sharing everything. Emanda tells her not to break Jack’s heart all over again. There is a nice moment where Kara asks Emanda is she thinks Amily has truly forgiven her and Emanda says that she wants to. Mason asks Amily what happened to the scar on her back. She claims she had it removed. Mason calls her out on not being who she is pretending to be. Hell hath no fury like a pretentious writer whose manuscript was destroyed in a fire.

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Victoria shows Conrad Kara’s phone which has numerous calls to the WHM. Conrad responds with the best marriage proposal ever, asking her to marry him so they can’t testify against each other. Watch it here. Who says romance is dead.

Padma meets with David and Ashley about David Clarke. Aiden eavesdrops via speaker phone. Padma wants to make sure that David didn’t give NolCorp its start-up financing. Daniel’s suspicion is aroused. Aiden has drinks with Daniel and Ashley. Aiden tells Ashley that Takeda told him to look up “Emily Thorpe,” giving himself a cover story that will allow him to be seen with her. Aiden tells Emanda that Padma was the one who inquired about David. Emanda is concerned for Nolan. Emanda wants Aiden gone ebcause Kara is next door. He menacingly says he makes a better partner than enemy. Daniel tells Aiden that Takeda should divest in Grayson. Aiden suggests to Daniel that NolCorps start up money could have come from David’s personal accounts but because David was head of Grayson’s Venture Capital, Grayson could technically have a controlling interest in NolCorp.The Graysons versus Nolan? Now we’re talking.

Nolan notices the signed check from David on Padma’s desk. He is boring and sappy and takes her to breakfast on the beach. The green-screen is appallingly bad. It looks like the backdrop from a Sears Portrait Studio. He is at least doubleshirting again. Emanda redeems herself as a friend by calling to tell him that Padma is going behind his back. Nolan does not let on to Padma that anything is wrong.

Yawn. The Rich Douche Kenny gives Declan (Connor Paolo)  the number of a crew that can get the bar up to code. Dumb Jack falls for it. Once the repairs are made Kenny makes an offer to buy the bar. Why didn’t he just do that in the first place? This makes no sense, even for this show.

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