‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Lemond Bishop is Back

Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) on "The Good Wife" (Photo: Jeffrey Neira/CBS)

One of “The Good Wife’s” most memorable characters, Lemond Bishop, (Mike Colter), drug dealer/World’s Greatest Dad, is back. In this week’s episode, the diversified cocaine salesman is getting his son ready for school when all of his bat phones start ringing because his accountant has been arrested.

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Alicia  (Julianna Margulies) is called away from the democratic gubernatorial Straw Poll to work on his case. Diane (Christine Baranski) and his criminal lawyer are already at his house. There is an immediate rivalry between Lockhart-Gardner and the sleazy drug lawyer. Lemond asks them to work together to find out why his accountant was arrested and if he will be. Diane tells Will (Josh Charles) to look into his legitimates businesses. Will thinks maybe they could try to steal Lemond’s drug business from the other attorney because when your law firm is struggling to stay afloat, ethics go out the window. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) learns that the problem is with one of his legitimate businesses making it Lockhart-Gardner’s case. Lemond wants Alicia to be present when the cops come to arrest him. Alicia knows it’s because she’s Peter’s wife. Wouldn’t it be a huge scandal if a gubernatorial candidate’s wife represented Chicago’s biggest drug dealer? Peter phones However, Lemond seems equally enamored of Alicia’s maternal skills, asking her to keep an eye on his son Desmond, and lamenting that none of the other parents will let their kids come to Desmond’s birthday party. That’s really sad, Lemond. Maybe you should have thought about the impact on your family before you became a drug kingpin.

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Back at the firm, Clark (Nathan Lane) the accountant suggests checking the footnotes to figure out where  Lemond’s accountant went wrong. He and Cary (Matt Czuchry)  ask a bakery owner why his raw materials prices haven’t risen but his costs have increased 12 percent. He claims he gave all employees health club memberships. Bishop is smart to own both a bakery that will make people fat and a gym that will allow them to burn calories.  The health club’s records show that barely anyone from the bakery has ever attended the gym. It turns out that the gym’s juice bar is selling a different kind of juice: HGH. The gym manager hilariously insists to Lemond, who is adamant about separating his legitimate and criminal businesses, that GHB isn’t a drug. It’s a steroid.

Cary “introduces” Kalinda to her husband Nick. Nick is at Lockhart-Gardner under the pretense of asking Kalinda her opinion about the potential business partner the firm found for him. She tells him he can do what he wants. In the hallway Nick quizzes Kalinda about her girlfriend, Lana. Cary gets suspicious when he sees them shoving each other. Kalinda catches Lana and some other FBI agents monitoring Lemond’s house. Alicia alerts Lemond that, contrary to what he thought, it’s the Feds who are after him. They are coming to his house with a search warrant. Alicia takes his son to the backyard so he won’t see his dad get arrested. We learn from their conversation that Peter took Alicia to a Bulls championship game on their first date. No wonder she fell for Peter.  Lana tells Kalinda her apartment was ransacked. She thinks it was Lemond, trying to intimidate her. Kalinda knows it was her husband Nick who is jealous of their relationship.

Cary gets himself arrested to unseal the warrant. It turns out an informant is missing, but the feds do not have enough information to arrest. The C.I.is a front desk worker at the gym who was sleeping with the HGH-selling manager.  She also has a boyfriend. Not to blame the victim, but she seems like a real winner of a human being. Kalinda see someone who matches the description of the boyfriend speeding away from the C.I.’s apartment.The girl’s dead body is in the trunk of her car. The drug lawyer doesn’t want to inform the Feds of the girl’s death, but Lockhart-Gardner points out that not revealing the information would look bad. Bishop wants them to call the feds after he makes arrangements for his son to stay with his sister.

Kalinda accuses Nick of breaking in to Lana’s house. After his usual whine that she has made him unable to love anyone else, his character develops a purpose. He  says Lana is out to get Kalinda. As proof, he shows her a photo of Kalinda with Eli. What?! Lana tells Kalinda that she doesn’t want the case to get in the way of their relationship. Kalinda says there isn’t any relationship.

Meanwhile, back at the Straw Poll, the good news is that Peter wins. The bad news is that the blogger publishes the bogus story about Peter sleeping with  Indira the crazy campaign worker. It quickly goes viral. Maddie (Maura Tierney) meets with Indira then decides she can’t support Peter anymore. She phones Alicia to break the news, but still wants to be her BFF.

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