‘DWTS’ Upset Alert: Favorite Gets a Surprise Elimination

LOUIS VAN AMSTEL, SABRINA BRYAN on "Dancing with the Stars" (ABC)

We had passed the halfway point on “Dancing with the Stars” and it was once again time to kick one of our All-Stars to the curb. Sadly, although I considered Emmitt Smith’s Monday night country foxtrot cute, others in the press room thought he’d embarrassed himself with a corny solo during the number with Cheryl Burke. Did the football great drop the ball? The judges seemed to think so, too, being a little subdued in their critique last night.

With that in mind, and not knowing how the storm might have affected DWTS voting in the East, here was what went down on the rootin’ tootin’ country week elimination show:

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff, who received a perfect 30 last night, got to do the encore dance and they showed off their revived chemistry again.

In the show’s customary “night before” behind-the-scenes footage, Kelly Monaco was shown telling her partner Val Chmerkovskiy she was sorry for something and later nuzzling him backstage. These two kept teasing us with a showmance but she has a boyfriend, people, and that lucky guy has been seen watching Kelly in the “DWTS” audience!

Watch Sabrina’s Reaction to Her Second Shocking “DWTS” Elimination:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Dancing-With-the-Stars/6286089193231416112/2298589778/Week-6%3A-Results/embed 580 476]

Before their Monday night dance, Emmitt told Cheryl her underarms were hot. Then those two were declared safe by host Tom Bergeron, just like that! Wow. That was the last time I would listen to my fellow press room reporters’ elimination opinions! Kelly and Val also were relieved to find they were out of danger.

Then, for the first time this season, some real news came out of Brooke Burke-Charvet’s backstage interviews. We weren’t paying attention but then had to snap to it! Derek Hough told Brooke that he would have to take a week off—what? It turned out the dance pro, who, as XfinityTV reported, had a neck problem last night, felt so much pain that he was going to let Shawn Johnson’s previous partner, Mark Ballas, step in and train the ex-gymnast next week instead.

This was a big game changer! When would Derek come back? The dancer left it vague. So Mark, who had performed with Bristol Palin this season, would be reunited with Shawn, his winning celebrity from season 8, if only briefly.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Dancing-With-the-Stars/6286089193231416112/2298289069/Relive-the-Dances%3A-Oct-29%2C-2012/embed 580 476]

With hardly time to digest that development, on to the recap of Kirstie Alley’s dance with Maks C., which startled judge Carrie Ann Inaba. She told her fellow judges, “that was really good.” Kirstie cried backstage. Would she be the one homeward bound, though? It was looking likely to me after Emmitt had been saved.

Shawn and Derek were called safe, as were Gilles and Peta (whom Tom reminded us have been the highest scoring couple all season). Oh, oh, I was wrong again—Kirstie made it through, too! So, to me, this was going to be a shocking elimination no matter what happened.

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Len Goodman announced a fusion dance theme for next week, which no one seemed to understand, but it was basically a dance within a dance. The celebs and their partners would have to fuse two different styles of dance together. And they would be assigned those tonight by their fellow dance couples:

Kirstie and Maks chose tango/cha cha for Melissa and Tony
Kelly and Val chose Argentine tango/samba for Gilles and Peta.
Emmitt and Cheryl picked tanog/foxtrot for Sabrina and Louis
Apolo and Karina chose quickstep/samba for Kirstie and Maks
Melissa and Tony picked tango/paso for Shawn and Mark (who might replace Derek next week on show night—or might not! We would see what happened)
Shawn and Derek chose rumba/samba for Emmitt and Cheryl
Sabrina and Louis selected cha cha/foxtrot for Kelly and Val
Gilles and Peta picked cha cha/paso for Apolo and Karina

But which couple would not have to fuse anything at all because they would be eliminated tonight?

It came down to Apolo, Melissa, and Sabrina. This was incredible because these three had all scored so high last night.

Melissa was declared safe! So Apolo and Sabrina were bottom two. The celebrity going home was….Sabrina! Shocker for the Cheetah Girl—again! After her emotional dance last night? Was I being punked? Sabrina was gracious and mature in saying her goodbyes with partner Louis. She always seemed to go home too soon, didn’t she?

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