New On DVD/Blu-ray This Week: Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection, The Campaign

'Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection' (Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection

Fifteen of the most acclaimed films by legendary director Alfred Hitchcock come together on Blu-ray for the first time ever with the release of ‘Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection,’ now available for a limited time only. Digitally restored from high-quality film elements and presented in perfect high-definition picture and sound, ‘Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection’ brings the Master of Suspense’s best work to home audiences as it’s never been seen before. This ultimate collector’s set features 13 films previously unavailable on Blu-ray, a collectible 50-page book featuring storyboards, costume sketches, correspondence, photographs, and much more. Plus a treasure trove of over 15 hours of documentaries, filmmaker commentaries, interviews, screen tests, trailers and a new documentary “The Birds, Hitchcock’s Monster Movie,” enough to satisfy even the most ardent Hitchcock fan. Spanning three-and-a-half decades of the director’s prolific career, Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection includes the classic thrillers ‘Psycho,’ ‘The Birds,’ ‘Vertigo,’ ‘Rear Window,’ ‘North by Northwest,’ ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much,’ ‘Marnie,’ ‘Saboteur,’ ‘Shadow of a Doubt,’ ‘Rope,’ ‘The Trouble with Harry,’ ‘Torn Curtain,’ ‘Topaz’, ‘Frenzy’ and ‘Family Plot.’ The films feature performances from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, Julie Andrews, Paul Newman, Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, Tippi Hedren, Eva Marie Saint, Kim Novak and Sean Connery. One of the most influential and revered cinematic innovators of all time, Alfred Hitchcock had a profound and lasting impact on modern moviemaking. Renowned for his signature wit, thrilling plots, pioneering camerawork and original editing style, Hitchcock’s masterful ability to wring every drop of suspense out of each scene is still studied and emulated by filmmakers around the world. He was nominated for five Best Director Academy Awards, and four of his films (all of which are included in this collection) appear on AFI’s prestigious “100 Years…100 Movies” list. ‘Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection’ is the ideal gift for film lovers, Hitchcock fans—or anyone who wants to discover for themselves what makes him the undisputed Master of Suspense. Buy The Masterpiece Collection Blu-ray right here.

The Campaign

Let the mud-slinging begin with the raucous comedy ‘The Campaign,’ now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download. Starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, “The Campaign” pits a career politician against a naïve upstart in an election that transforms the political arena into a circus sideshow.  The Blu-ray Combo Pack includes an extended cut of the film, featuring an additional 11 minutes of hilarious footage not seen in theaters. Directed by Jay Roach (“Meet the Parents”, “Austin Powers” franchise), “The Campaign” stars Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, Jason Sudeikis, Katherine LaNasa, Dylan McDermott, John Lithgow and Dan Aykroyd. The Blu-ray Combo Pack features the film in hi-definition on Blu-ray and in standard definition on DVD.  Both the Blu-ray Combo Pack and the single disc DVD include UltraViolet which allows consumers to download and instantly stream the standard definition theatrical version of the film to a wide range of devices including computers and compatible tablets, smartphones, game consoles, Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players. When long-term congressman Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) commits a major public gaffe before an upcoming election, a pair of ultra-wealthy CEOs plot to put up a rival candidate and gain influence over their North Carolina district.  Their man: naïve Marty Huggins (Zach Galifianakis), director of the local Tourism Center. At first, Marty appears to be the unlikeliest possible choice but, with the help of his new benefactors’ support, a cutthroat campaign manager and his family’s political connections, he soon becomes a contender who gives the charismatic Cam plenty to worry about. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

The Duchess of Duke Street

The acclaimed BBC series ‘The Duchess of Duke Street Complete Collection’ is now available on DVD from Acorn Media, including all 31 episodes. Created by Emmy winner John Hawkesworth (Upstairs, Downstairs) and fondly remembered from its Emmy-nominated PBS Masterpiece Theatre run (1979-80), The Duchess of Duke Street remains a standard of BBC excellence to this day. Gemma Jones (Bridget Jones’s Diary, Sense and Sensibility) stars as Louisa Leyton, a culinary wizard who ascends from servant to manager of a posh London hotel. Christopher Cazenove (A Knight’s Tale, TV’s Dynasty) co-stars as Charlie, the dashing love of her life. Born into the servant class, Louisa Leyton rises from the scullery to become the best chef in Edwardian London and manager of the most elegant—and discreet—hotel in town. She learns the rules of high society from powerful men captivated by her beauty, but she never sheds her Cockney accent or attitude. Even in the throes of World War I, Louisa proves she can take whatever life dishes out and remain in a class all her own. Based on the true story of Rosa Lewis, a culinary genius and owner of London’s venerable Cavendish Hotel, this acclaimed BBC series dramatizes the life of an indomitable woman in stories full of humor and heart. The Duchess of Duke Street was nominated for an Emmy and multiple BAFTAs, including Best Drama Series and Best Actress. Buy the complete collection right here.

Upstairs Downstairs

One of the most beloved television series of all time returns for a second season in the exquisite new production starring Keeley Hawes, Ed Stoppard, Claire Foy, and Alex Kingston. It is now 1938, and 165 Eaton Place has become a well established and thriving household in the heart of London. Lady Agnes and Sir Hallam’s family is complete with the addition of two small children, yet below the surface of the well-run household, both upstairs and downstairs are harboring life-changing secrets. London faces tumultuous times with the threat of the World War II looming and later impacting everyday life, and while romance, heartbreak and revelations engulf the household, its inhabitants discover that the real threat to 165 Eaton Place is much closer to home. Buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

Wish Me Luck

Based on the true stories of British heroines who crossed enemy lines to work undercover with the French Resistance, the compelling British WWII series, ‘Wish Me Luck: The Complete Collection,’ now available on DVD. Broadcast on ITV from 1988-1990 and U.S. public television in the 1990s, these three complete, acclaimed series feature plots rife with tension and danger and outstanding casts including Kate Buffery (Trial and Retribution), Jane Asher (A Voyage Round My Father), and Julian Glover (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). Filmed on location in Britain and France, Wish Me Luck features strong female characters, historical authenticity, and spectacular scenery. The DVD 6-Disc Set includes all 23 episodes, plus bonus photo gallery and historical background on the real operation that inspired the series. While World War II rages, brave British women risk their lives as secret agents in occupied France. Recruited by Col. James “Cad” Cadogan (Julian Glover), young mother Liz Grainger (Kate Buffery) and other new operatives work undercover with the French Resistance. Their assignment is sabotage, subversion, and propaganda; if caught, their fate is torture or worse. The ensemble cast includes Jeremy Northam (The Tudors), Warren Clarke (Dalziel & Pascoe), Michael J. Jackson (Doctors), Jane Snowden (All Passion Spent), and Shirley Henderson (Bridget Jones’s Diary, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). Buy the complete collection right here.


BBC Home Entertainment invites you to join New York’s Finest, with the release of ‘Copper‘ on Blu-ray and DVD. The first original scripted series from BBC America, ‘Copper’ became the channel’s highest-rated series premiere ever when hit delivered 1.8 million viewers in total audience. The series, which is filled with intrigue, corruption, mystery and murder, follows Detective Kevin Corcoran – a rugged Irish immigrant cop – as he seeks justice for the powerless in the notorious immigrant neighborhood of Five Points. Created by Emmy-winner Tom Fontana, Academy Award nominee Will Rokos and executive produced by Academy Award winner Barry Levinson, this series keeps you at the edge of your seat till the very last moment. Set in 1864 New York City, Detective Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) returns home from the Civil War to find his daughter has been murdered and his wife has disappeared. Distraught and searching for answers, Corcoran’s relentless quest to find justice for his family fuels his pursuit to help the unfortunate residents of Five Points. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray right here.

The Streets of San Francisco

The classic 1970s police drama starring Hollywood icon Michael Douglas returns to DVD with ‘The Streets Of San Francisco: Season Five, Volume One and Volume Two.’ Douglas and the series’ new addition, Richard Hatch star alongside Karl Malden in the thrilling television crime drama about twenty year veteran Detective Lt. Mike Stone (Malden) who finds himself partnered with a young, college educated inspector Steve Keller (Douglas) and inspector Dan Robbins (Hatch) who have a lot to learn about being a police detective on the streets of San Francisco. Buy the Season 5 DVD right here.

Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1995 Reserve

The world’s longest running sitcom is back for another season of hilarious adventures…and once again, a few misadventures. In the Christmas Special, the trio organizes a piano recital for their friend Billy, but when he takes the stage, Billy faints from fright. Lucky, Compo has an idea up his sleeve. After seeing a pothole that reminds him of trenches, Foggy relives his World War II memories. When the trio inherits a van, they’re surprised to find it also comes with someone’s wife in the back. Foggy picks up hypnotherapy, but ends up hypnotizing himself in the process. Later, he believes he is a distant member of an old aristocratic family. Buy the DVD right here.


The offspring of some of the movies’ greatest names come together in a moving drama concerning inheritance, legacy and the enduring pull of the past. ‘Americano,’ starring Salma Hayek as a stripper who helps a man uncover secrets about his late mother, is now available on high-definition Blu-ray and DVD from MPI Home Video. After receiving news of his mother’s death, Martin (Mathieu Demy, The Girl on the Train) leaves his girlfriend (Chiara Mastroianni, daughter of Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni and the star of Beloved and Carnage) and home in Paris and sets off for his childhood home in Los Angeles to tie up the loose ends of his rocky maternal relationship. Arriving in the United States, Martin is greeted by his mother’s best friend Linda (Geraldine Chaplin, daughter of Charlie Chaplin and star of The Wolfman and Talk to Her), who agrees to help him settle his mother’s affairs. As Martin digs deeper into his mother’s past, he discovers she had a hidden relationship with a beautiful woman named Lola (Salma Hayek, Savages, Frida), who he finds at a seedy strip club in Tijuana called the Americano. While Lola recounts her affair with his mother, Martin realizes there is more than he ever hoped to know about his mother’s sordid past and his own problems with commitment. Buy the DVD right here.

Outlaw Brothers

Directed by Frankie Chan and featuring action direction from martial arts legend Jackie Chan, this action-packed film follows the exploits of two car thieves, and the butt-kicking female police officer who is on their trail. Add in drug smugglers and choreographed fight scenes with brooms, fans, wrenches, and knives to make this a turbo-charged, high-octane, martial arts action film. Buy the DVD right here.


An all-star cast headlines the hit, suspenseful sci-fi miniseries ‘Coma,’ now available on DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The film is a chilling, four-hour, modern-day retelling of The New York Times bestselling novel by Robin Cook, and 1978 film written and directed by Michael Crichton.  The all-star cast includes Lauren Ambrose (TV’s “Six Feet Under”), Steven Pasquale (TV’s “Rescue Me”), Academy Award winner Geena Davis (Best Actress in a Supporting Role, The Accidental Tourist, 1988), two-time Academy Award nominee James Woods (Best Actor in a Leading Role, Salvador, 1986; Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Ghosts of Mississippi, 1996), Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss (Best Actor in a Leading Role, The Goodbye Girl, 1977), and Academy Award winner Ellen Burstyn (Best Actress, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, 1974). The miniseries also stars James Rebhorn (“Law & Order), Joe Morton (“The Good Wife”), Michael Weston (“House”) and Joseph Mazello (“The Pacific”).  In this medical thriller, a medical student (Ambrose) discovers something sinister is going on in her hospital after routine procedures send more than a few seemingly healthy patients into comas on the operating table. Buy the DVD right here.

Triad Wars

From the award-winning action choreographer of ‘Rush Hour,’ ‘Shanghai Knights,’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ comes a new action-packed thriller filled with vengeance. ‘Triad Wars’ takes the violence to the streets in the gangster crime drama from Lionsgate Home Entertainment, now available on DVD. In the midst of a violent gang war one powerful triad leader is faced with losing a grip on his power. As his empire slowly crumbles and his trust of those closest to him dwindles, violence escalates as the triad starts clashing with other triads among the Hong Kong community. Buy the DVD right here.

House of Dark Shadows

Rejoice, night creatures! Collinwood’s Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) hopes a series of serum injections will make him normal. Alas, nothing can be normal at eerie Collinwood. Joan Bennett, Roger Davis, Grayson Hall, Kathryn Leigh Scott and Louis Edmonds also star. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Alice – Complete Second Season

As the second season of the break-out hit ‘Alice’ graced the nation’s airwaves, Mel’s Diner soon became the nation’s dining destination of choice. Thanks to its hearty combination of down-home eccentrics, sweet sentiment, blue-collar ethos, and the spice of edgy topicality, Alice proved a dish the nation could not resist. With the central flavorings of Alice (Linda Lavin), Flo (Polly Holliday), and Vera (Beth Howland) rooting the comedy, and Mel (Vic Tayback) and Tommy (Philip McKeon) on hand to balance the distaff waitstaff with curmudgeonly charm and youthful enthusiasm, Alice was cooking with gas and ready to serve up some sit-com gold. George Burns, Jerry Reed, Desi Arnaz are among those who get served in season 2, as the staff faces working holidays, dispossessed natives, divine stars, and the specter of Mel’s fiftieth in this 3-Disc, 24-Episode collection. Buy the Alice Complete Second Season DVD at

The Kathy Griffin Collection: Red, White & Raw

Since early 2011, three-time Grammy nominee and two-time Emmy Award winning comedian Kathy Griffin has been breaking records with her series of comedy specials. Now you can experience Griffin’s knockout performances together, uncensored and complete with unaired bonus footage with the 2-disc set ‘The Kathy Griffin Collection: Red, White & Raw,’ now available on DVD. The set includes the comedy specials “Pants Off,” and “Tired Hooker” as well as five shows never before available on DVD: “Gurrl Down,” “50 & Not Pregnant,” “Whores on Crutches,” “Kathy Griffin Does the Bible Belt,” and “Balls of Steel.” A the queen of Hollywood gossip and purveyor of uproarious tales involving herself, her mother Maggie and a dirty laundry list of famed celebrities, Kathy delivers with unparalleled hilarity and gusto before sold-out crowd on every stage. Buy the DVD right here.

Night of Dark Shadows

One bite is never enough! New blood comes home in ‘Night of Dark Shadows,’ as Quentin Collins (David Selby) arrives with his bride (Kate Jackson). Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Shazam – The Live Action Series

By uttering a single magic word young Billy Batson transforms himself into the world’s mightiest mortal, Captain Marvel. The acronym of the first letters of the names of the six elders who train Billy with their respective special gifts: Solomon, wisdom; Hercules, strength; Atlas, stamina; Zeus, power; Achilles, courage; and Mercury, speed, in a word…SHAZAM! Now, the entire series is available in this 3-disc set featuring every exciting episode of this classic television show! Buy the complete series at


The Metalocalypse is back among us. Adult Swim has released ‘Metalocalypse Season 4’ on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, bringing Dethklok, the world’s most brutal animated band, back to DVD and Blu-ray for the first time in two years. In the fourth season of the comedy series from co-creators Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha, the band welcomes guest appearances from the likes of Corpsegrinder (Cannibal Corpse), Cam Pipes (3 Inches Of Blood), Dweezil Zappa, Jon Hamm and director Werner Herzog among others. Along with all 12 episodes from the series’ fourth season, the Metalocalypse Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray release feature more than two hours of special features. Highlights from those features include a 90-minute feature film of Nathan Explosion tackling his latest Shakespeare reading, in “Nathan Reads Shakespeare 4: Comedy of Errors,” a series of band member “StaresDowns,” a look at Dethklok Fan Art, “MurderThoughts,” a “Pickles Flyby” and much, much more. Buy the Season 4 DVD right here.

Icy Escapades

Everyone’s favorite trainees come home for the holidays with a flurry of warm and wonderful episodes from the award-winning TV series Chuggington. In this traintastic new collection of cold-weather adventures, the crew takes to the tracks as snow and ice cover Chuggington. With help from their fellow Chuggers, the trainees learn how to make brr-ave rescue missions, dig their way out of snow drifts and even take to the skies when the wintery winds lift Hodge from the rails. Young viewers will share in all the winter-focused fun while they learn important lessons about teamwork, and problem-solving in the DVD’s six seasonal stories. Buy the DVD right here.

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