Sabrina on ‘DWTS’ Deja Vu Elimination Shocker: ‘This Is a Stinger’

'DWTS: All-Stars' Sabrina and Louis (Photo: ABC)

Sabrina Bryan couldn’t break her “Dancing with the Stars” curse on Tuesday night. The Cheetah Girl was eliminated on Week 6 of All-Stars, the same fate she suffered during Season 5 — which has always been considered the most shocking in the history of the show.

Sabrina and her partner Louis Van Amstel received a perfect score of 30 Monday night for their emotional rumba, which the star said reflected her former relationship with a drug addict. The dance saga left both Sabrina and Louis in tears, and also moved all three judges to rapturous praise.

Although everyone was stunned backstage that she was still sent packing on Tuesday, Sabrina told xfinityTV, “It’s an All-Star season; you can’t be shocked to go home.”

In fact, Sabrina felt her number was up even before host Tom Bergeron read the results. “I knew as soon as we walked down the stairs. It all felt too surreal. It felt like a flashback. I knew it.”

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Adding to the odd déjà vu atmosphere, hostess Brooke Burke-Charvet also had brought up Sabrina’s surprise 2007 ouster with then-partner Mark Ballas after a great season of dancing. “I was trying to forget that whole experience,” Sabrina sighed on Tuesday. “[Louis] wanted to talk about it quite a bit during the week and I just didn’t want to. It didn’t matter to me. It felt like the past is the past and let’s be here in the present, and I feel that’s what we did last night. We were here. We weren’t thinking about an elimination. We were thinking about dancing and performing and it was real and it was raw and it was amazing.”

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Her devoted partner Louis said there was nothing else Sabrina could have done to stick around longer on “DWTS.” “I think she put it all on the line, everything. I mean, I cried yesterday because of exactly what you asked. She did more than I even expected. She took it to another place. I was hoping but it became reality last night and that, no one takes away. It’s special. It’s almost indescribable. That’s why this is a tough moment.”

The Cheetah Girl chose to accentuate the positive in leaving, stressing “DWTS” Season 15 “was one of the most amazing experiences I could have ever asked for, a second chance at something like that is incredible. There are incredible people that are on this show and everyone continues to get better and better every week.”

In Louis, Sabrina said she found the perfect partner: “He pushed me; he wanted to know what mattered to me. I’m so incredibly grateful for this guy.”

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She added, “The storyline of last night was such a huge example of things I was going through at that time last season and this season, I’m in such a happy place. I’m going home and my life, my family and friends are good. My friend from the east coast called me; she’s the first person I talked to after the elimination; she’s home, she’s safe. Everything in my life feels so good right now. Obviously this is a stinger but you move on from things like this.

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“DWTS is awesome and yes, would I want that damn sparkly mirror ball? Of course I do! Why did I sign up?! I want it but everyone asked me what I would do different if I had the chance to be on the show and I said I would take a moment, every day, every minute, and take in what I have and I realized how blessed I am this time for everything I did have this season — and what I do have now.”

Sabrina announced to reporters that she and Louis have become such close friends that they are “going on a cruise this summer,” nine days to the Caribbean.

Would she support a remaining “DWTS” competitor? “I’ll give it to my little twin, Shawn Johnson! Love that girl!” Sabrina said. “But at this point, I’ve got [former All-Star] Joey Fatone calling me, going, ‘Where are we getting a drink tonight?’ So I’ve gotta hit him up real quick!”

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