Bad Tuna Takes Down ‘X Factor’ House, Singer Hospitalized

Wesley Stromberg (front), Drew Chadwick (back), and Keaton Stromberg (right) of Emblem3 (FOX)

Halloween wasn’t kind to “The X Factor.” Not only are a number of contestants and crew sick today, one was rushed even to the hospital.

No, it wasn’t the singing that caused the widespread stomach problems, according to TMZ. Instead it was the tuna that caused the show’s epidemic.

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It turns out a number of contestants as well as crew members ordered take out last night and, according to the report, nearly everyone who ordered the tuna salad sub fell ill.

Six crew members are out sick from tonight’s show, and “Camilla from the group 1432 is on set, but yacking non-stop,” TMZ writes.

In addition, Drew Chadwick was hospitalized due to the illness, where he was hooked up to an IV drip. Fortunately, his group Emblem3 made the cut on tonight’s show so he will at least get to hit the stage one more time on the FOX series.

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