Watch: On ‘CSI,’ ‘Real’ Housewife, Plus a Charismatic Canine

Kyle Richards -- shown talking to Elisabeth Shue -- guest-starred on "CSI" Wednesday. Inset: "CSI" investigator Nick Stokes (George Eads) with new pal Sam (Photos: CBS)

“Real” housewife Kyle Richards spoofed her reality-TV persona when she appeared in a brief scene on “CSI” Wednesday night on CBS. But another guest-star stole the show.

That guest-star wasn’t even human — it was a German shepherd, and this charismatic canine just might become a new member of the “CSI” team. But more on him later.

Richards, 43, who is one of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” did a scene on “CSI” with Elisabeth Shue (who plays investigator Julie Finlay).

Richards (listed in the credits as “Kyle Richards-Umansky,” her married name) played a neighbor of a high-profile divorce lawyer who was found shot to death in his bedroom. The Richards character was apparently the person who called the police, after she heard gunshots. So she was interviewed outside of the crime scene.

“Mrs. Young?” said Shue when she greeted Richards.

“Ms.,” Richards corrected her — and here’s where the Richards character made a sly reference to her “housewife” persona: “I got tired of being a housewife,” she said, “dumped the husband, kept the last name … and the Jag!”

Watch the scene here, about seven minutes into Wednesday’s episode:
[iframe—Play-Dead/embed 580 476]

The two then discussed the gunshots Ms. Young heard, and what time she heard them. In fact, the scene’s real purpose, where the storyline was concerned, was to establish the time of the shooting.

The murder of the divorce lawyer was one of two separate cases under investigation on “CSI” on Wednesday. The second one was a bit more baffling because, unlike the lawyer’s murder — in which we guessed the culprit’s identity (but won’t spoil it here, of course) — we couldn’t figure this other one out.

It had to do with the murder of a cop in an undercover investigation — one that didn’t seem to be authorized by higher-ups — that had him circulating among drug dealers and prostitutes in Las Vegas’ seamy underbelly. Ordinarily, this cop wouldn’t be involved in undercover work; he was a member of the K9 Unit, and his canine partner, Sam (the aforementioned German shepherd), turned out to be the only “witness” to the crime. Was Sam able to identify his master’s killer and bring him (or her) to justice? We’re not saying, but you can watch the entire episode here, and find out for yourself.

Here’s the entire episode of Wednesday’s “CSI,” titled “Play Dead”:
[iframe—Play-Dead/embed 580 476]

So, will this dog become a regular member of the “CSI” team? It doesn’t appear so, at the moment. A rep for the show said only that a reappearance by Sam at some point later in the season could happen. But as of now, Sam’s not in any of the scripts that are currently complete and ready to be produced. The thing is, without spoiling anything, we feel it’s OK to report that, at the end of Wednesday’s episode, Stokes adopted Sam — which left us hopeful that Sam might reappear some time.

Our take: Why are we so focused on this dog? Two reasons: One is that this dog happened to be very appealing (although, as is often the case in these situations, we understand that “Sam” was “played” by more than one German shepherd on the show).

The other reason has to do with the long tradition of heroic dogs in movies and TV shows stretching all the way back to the silent era. We just happen to have a soft spot for these faithful canine heroes, and we believe that adding this one to the “CSI” team would be a can’t-miss move on the part of CBS.

Why are we so positive about this? Because we’ve become mesmerized recently by another heroic German shepherd that we found in a very obscure TV series on one of the Spanish-language cable channels, the one known as Vme (pronounced “VEE-may”). This series is titled “Comisario Rex” (which means “Inspector Rex” — which is just too cute) and Rex is a crime-fighting German shepherd that you cannot take your eyes off of. So, we have found ourselves avidly watching this show, and we don’t even speak Spanish.

“Comisario Rex”? Why not “CSI Sam”?

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