‘Big Bang’ Boss Mocks Mitt, Bashes ‘Bachelor’ in Censored Message

TV producer Chuck Lorre (Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Chuck Lorre has never been shy about expressing his feelings (he’s the one that fought the warlock and won when Charlie Sheen self-destructed and got fired from “Two and a Half Men”). The CBS showrunner targeted his latest rant at the Republican Party and endorsed President Obama in the process, just days before the presidential election.

In a vanity card that followed Thursday night’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” Lorre had some harsh words for Republicans and their presidential candidate Mitt Romney, ones he knew were so inflammatory that he censored the “offending” vanity card himself and “banished” it to “a dark place” … known as the Internet.

Instead, what aired was a message from Lorre explaining that he knew he’d crossed the line, even without naming names, taking swipes at “idiotic game shows like ‘The Bachelor'” and the guy who “wears magical underwear” for instance, and told viewers they could find his highly charged note on his website.

“I’ve decided to save everybody a lot of unhappiness and not submit this week’s vanity card to the CBS censors (I know when I’ve crossed the line with these things and don’t need a bunch of corporate lawyers getting their cotton blend panties in a bunch). Accordingly, I’ve banished the offending card to that dark place where all my offending cards go – the internet,” Lorre wrote.

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Here’s the full text of the message from Chuck Lorre posted online:


What does it say about us when we are simultaneously pro-life and pro AK-47’s? What does it say about us when God’s will would allow a rapist to ask for shared custody and child support payments? What does it say about us when a black guy’s in charge and we say things like “it’s time to take America back”? What does it say about us when we think the institution of marriage is threatened by gay people who love each other, but not by idiotic game shows like “The Bachelor”? What does it say about us when we export democracy with Hellfire missiles, then restrict the right to vote here? What does it say about us when we build nuclear submarines to defend against exploding vests? What does it say about us when we think a guy who doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, keeps his money offshore, stubs his toe and says “H-E-double hockey sticks” and wears magical underwear can feel our pain? What does it say about us when we demand less government and more FEMA? What does it say about us when we completely forgot the colossal sh*t storm we were in four years ago?

The answer, my friends, is not blowing in the wind.
The answer is, “We are f***ing crazy.”

In addition to “The Big Bang Theory,” Lorre is also the boss behind the CBS sitcoms “Two and a Half Men” and “Mike and Molly.”

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