Deep Soap: Two Favorites Return to ‘General Hospital’

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More Stars Returning to “General Hospital”

General Hospital” is revisiting one of its greatest love triangles. Earlier this week, news broke that Tristan Rogers  is returning to the show as Robert Scorpio. Yes, that means Robert/Anna/Duke, the triangle that ruled the show during the late 1980s, is back on. Rogers briefly appeared on the show in early 2012 in the aftermath of Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) “death.” In a twist that was panned by pretty much every single fan of the show, Robert left town before Robin’s funeral to chase after Ethan, who Luke led to believe was his son. Rogers,, told Soap Opera Digest, “I think the fans will see a Robert who is the same, but also different … and there’s a reason for that difference. I was very excited about the story when it was explained to me.” Who knows what that means, but it hopefully will right the earlier wrong, redeeming Robert for abandoning Anna when she needed him most and include an explanation for Duke’s bizarre behavior. Plus, with both Duke and Robert on the canvas, there is no way that Anna is going to end up paired with Luke (Tony Geary). They are great as friends, but so very, very wrong as anything more.

DVR the Next Episode of “General Hospital”

Lynn Herring, whose Lucy Coe was a fixture on GH until her character moved to the short-lived GH spin-off “Port Charles” is also coming back. The Nurses Ball, the charity fundraiser that Lucy created, was resurrected during Thursday’s episode. Now Soap Opera Digest reports that Lucy will be coming back to produce the new ball. For the uninitiated, the Nurses Ball is a talent show starring the GH employees that is a fundraiser for AIDS research Though always popular with viewers, GH allegedly decided to stop the annual event because it was too expensive to produce. The show’s current executive producer, Frank Valentini, produced an elaborate, albeit cheesy,musical episode with original songs on his prior soap, One Life to Live.” So it’s no surprise that he decided to bring back the production numbers.

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Let’s be honest.  Luke (TonyGeary) belongs with Laura. With Genie Francis leaving “The Young & The Restless,” and so many former stars of the show returning, it seems like the perfect time for . So when I interviewed her husband Jonathan Frakes about directing Monday’s outstanding, hilarious episode of “Castle”  which guest stars Chris McKenna, who played Joey on “One Life to Live” before Nathan Fillion  took over the role, I asked him if there was a chance she would come back to “General Hospital.” “I bet there is,” said Frakes. “Now that “The Young & the Restless” has let her go, I suspect that. I think it’s the 45th or 50th anniversary of the show , and the anniversary of the wedding is coming up. I wouldn’t be at all surprised, that’s the short answer, if “General Hospital” comes knocking .” Frakes may need to bone up on his GH history.The show will celebrate its 50th anniversary in April. But he sure knows whether his wife would be willing to return to the show despite some negative experiences with the previous writer and executive producer. If you haven’t talked to her yet, do it today, Frank Valentini!

A.J. Quartermaine is Back. Don’t Sweat the Details

This week, “General Hospital” welcomed back another returning cast member, Sean Kanan as bad boy A.J.Quartermaine. Faced with the problem of explaining how a character who unambiguously died on camera in a hospital was in fact alive and well, the show seemingly took a page from primetime’s “Once Upon a Time.”After A.J. was pronounced dead, Monica came to say goodbye. She kissed his forehead, and, lo and behold ,his eyes opened. Then, in order to keep him from being arrested, she concocted a plan to fake his death and ferret him out of town. It’s completely preposterous. The show might as well have had Kanan look into the camera and say, “Look, you know you’re glad I’m back. Just go with it, okay?”

Headwriter Ron Carlivati employed the same wink to the audience on several occasions during the final year of “One Life to Live.” It’s not my favorite technique. But daytime lends itself to the deux en machina, because characters and relationships usually matters more than plot. A.J.’s return means that there is an opportunity for Michael (Chad Duell) to get to know his biological father, possibly leading to him accepting the Quartermaines as his family. There’s plenty of unfinished business between A.J. and Carly (Laura Wright), whose lie about Michael’s paternity essentially created the Mobsters are Heroes dynamic of the show.

Kanan brings such a different presence to the show than Billy Warlock, who took over the role when Kanan left. Kanan looks like the departed Steve Burton’s brother, every bit as tall and blonde as Jason. He is as confident as Jason was, but proud of the family name and its privileges that Jason shunned. Warlock’s A.J. was written to be Jason’s short, insecure inferior. It’s going to be thrilling watching him attempt to get back what he believes is rightfully his. I’m willing to put up with an even more ridiculous explanation to gt his father, Alan (Stuart Damon) back on the canvas.

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