‘The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden: Andrea Doesn’t Want to Believe She Was Abandoned

Laurie Holden in "The Walking Dead" (Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC)

Andrea (Laurie Holden) had a reunion of sorts last week when she and Michonne (Danai Gurira) were taken captive by Merle (Michael Rooker), who she hadn’t seen since he had been handcuffed to the roof of a building in Atlanta in Season 1 of “The Walking Dead.”

It wasn’t the happiest of reunions since the two women initially didn’t want to be taken to Woodbury, but were left no choice by the one-handed man. But it begs the bigger question: What will happen when Andrea comes face to face with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the rest of the survivors from Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) farm, who left for parts unknown without checking to see whether or not she survived the attack by the Walkers.

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“She doesn’t know if they thought she was dead. She doesn’t know if they had a search party,” Holden tells XfinityTV.com. “I feel that Michonne and Andrea probably went back to the highway and waited for a week because that is what we did with Sophia. She really doesn’t know the truth. Her higher self would like to believe they did come looking for her because they were her friends.”

The reunion isn’t likely to happen this week because in the promo for Episode 4, we are back at the prison when Rick discovers that someone has opened the gates. So, while his crew is trying to figure out who — if anybody — is trying to sabotage them, it doesn’t look as if they will be leaving the prison. Besides, they do have a lot of Walker bodies to burn to clear their space.

What looks like a possibility — also from the promo — is Merle may go in search of his brother Daryl (Norman Reedus), because we see a scene where he is telling the Governor (David Morrissey) that Andrea told him where the farm was located.

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When the two groups do meet up again, executive producer Glen Mazzara feels that Andrea will have a lot of questions as to why they didn’t come back for her.

He says, “That is something we talk about internally a lot. Was she abandoned? Did they leave her behind? I think she feels like that to some extent. Whether she is just angry or hurt is something that we will explore. As far as when the different groups find out about each other, you will have to watch the story unfold because I don’t think the audience will be able to anticipate out how it comes together.”

Also this week, it appears as if Michonne feels her suspicions about the Governor are validated when she examines the military trucks that were brought in to Woodbury in Episode 3– and she and Andrea discuss whether or not to leave.

Their relationship is a close one as the two women have had each other’s backs for six months now, but that is as far as it goes, according to Holden, who points out that her character hooked up with Shane (Jon Bernthal) last season.

“I find it bizarro — and it is not to judge it because I don’t have any judgments against it — but I am asked a lot of questions that immediately go to the sexual,” she says. “‘Oh, you are in a sexual relationship.’ Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it really is a pure, best friendship of two women who love each other like family — and that is it.”

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