‘Revenge’: It’s a Nice Day for a Gray(son) Wedding

Henry Czerny and Madeleine Stowe in "Revenge" (ABC/Eric McCandless)

You are cordially invited to a wedding in which two people have decided to share their lives for the best of reasons: the desire to stay out of prison. This week’s episode of “Revenge,” ‘Illusion,” is about the shattering of so many of them. Emanda finally gets revenge-y again, but she is not the one who is using a bright red x to mark the spot.

We start with the Graysons get ready for their marriage of convenient alibis. They may be the most despicable people on earth, but they know how to put together a wedding with 100 guests in a week. You’ve got to give them some credit.

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Meanwhile, Emanda (Emily VanCamp) drills Amily (Margarita Leveiva) with the details of her “scar removal” so Amily can convince Mason (Roger Bart) that she’s the real Amanda. Emanda plans to send Mason down another trail that leads back to the Graysons.

Kara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) questions Victoria bout “Agent Murphy” AKA The White Haried Man AKA Kara’s husband. Victoria describes him as someone who tortured her during her “kidnapping.” Kara flashes back tot he WHM saying he loved her.

Emanda asks Aiden (Barry Sloane) for the gun he used to kill WHM. In return, he wants her to be his plus one for the Grayson wedding. Emanda journeys to some unspecified place where she has stashed WHM’s frozen corpse.

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Amily tells the bogus story about her scar removal to Mason. He asks why she lives so close to the Graysons. She plants suspicions about Victoria’s kidnapping and tells him she saw the WHM in the Grayson Mansion arguing with Conrad before the plane crash. Mason  can’t hide his glee at this juicy scoop. Amily tells Emanda that next time Mason tries to threaten her family she handles it her way. By inviting a posse of strippers to his next party?

Ashley (Ashley Madekewe) suggests Daniel (Joshua Bowman) invite Nolan (Gabriel Mann) to the wedding in order to ferret out information about whether, due to Daniel Clark’s contribution of start-up money, NolCorp might be rightfully owned by Grayson. Emanda, who listened to the conversation via her surveillance laptop,  warns Nolan not to attend. Nolan: “And here I thought they wanted a caboose for the Conga line.” Nolan tells Padma that Emanda has offered to lend her a dress for the wedding. Emanda is appalled that he is bringing Padma when she has been going behind his back to the Graysons. Nolan tells her that he’s bringing Padma so he can see for himself if it’s true. Mason calls Nolan, asking for help tracking down the owner of a cellphone number.

Jack (Nick Wechsler) has a new haircut! He looks less townie now. He is happy now that Amily is home and the Stowaway is open again. Kenny, his slimy new partner,  wants to fire the longtime liquor rep. The rep warns the newly shorn Jack that he hopes he knows who he is in business with. We know Kenny is evil because he’s attempting to befriend Declan (Connor Paolo), something nobody would do without ulterior motives. Charlotte decides to avoid the wedding by hanging out at the Stowaway. She reconciles with Declan, to the indifference of the entire viewing audience.

Kara sneaks into Victoria’s room and finds the torn photo of David and the WHM. Mason goes to an airstream trailer where he thinks the WHM man is. Inside, of course, is his body sitting upright in a chair. There is a CG cufflink on the floor.

Victoria is wearing a stunning grey dress for the wedding. Conrad gifts her with a pearl handled gun so she can protect herself. Victoria: “And here I thought you were offering me a way out of this.” Mason phones Victoria to tell her that he knows how she can reap the benefits of the marriage without spending a single night with the groom.

While everyone dances at the reception, which confusingly happens in a hall that looks a lot like the Grayson living room, the cops search Conrad’s room. They find a gun and a spent casing.

Padma tells Daniel she jumped the gun on the audit as Nolan watches them suspiciously. Then he confronts her about going behind his back and asks her how far she is willing to go to protect him.

Aiden dances with Ashley. They know each other! He says he thought he was the one keeping an eye on Graysons. She comments on how well he and Emanda seem to be hitting it off, as if he knew her forever.

The police barge into the wedding and arrest Conrad for Gordon’s murder before Victoria has a chance to toss her bouquet. Nolan praises Emanda for the “revenge all star opportunity.”

Victoria visits Conrad in jail. He thinks this is convenient for her, but knows she couldn’t pull it off on her own. Kara sees the news about Conrad’s arrest and learns her husband is dead. Mason asks Victoria how long Gordon has been dead. He vows to expose that her kidnapping was fake. Daniel accuses Victoria of knowing about the arrest before it happened, assuming that it is the reason why she gave him a pep talk about what a good job he was doing at work earlier. Mason snarks that Daniel has gone from classy Emanda to dating the help, Victoria tells him that Emanda is nothing but a juvie girl who made good. He perks up at that, suspicions aroused.

The woman from the Initiative visits Conrad in his cell. He accuses her of setting him up. She asks him to again give the initiative his money, which last time resulted in the terrorist plane crash.

Emanda and Aiden watch Ashley and Daniel via surveillance footage. He asks how she knows Ashley. Emanda says she met her 6 years ago. An angry mark. He suggests maybe she was too easy.

Kara confronts Victoria. She insists she had nothing to do with the WHM’s murder. Victoria realizes Kara is mourning him. Kara flashes back to him telling her he is going to retire after his last job, which would have, ironically, been killing her daughter. Kara says she can’t imagine how Victoria feels losing the man she loved so abruptly.

On the boat, Jack surprises Amily with a romantic champagne toast. He describes it a moment from their childhood, which she doesn’t remember. He tells her that their fortunes are changing. He proposes to her. She happily accepts.

Conrad show up in Victoria’s bedroom. He tells her that he got out by promising the Initiative something. He doesn’t even know what it is. If there are any irregularities in the election results on Tuesday, I think we know who to blame.

Emanda and Aiden watch Daniel and Ashley via surveillance cam. Aiden suggests that maybe it was too easy for Emanda to befriend and use Ashley when they met six years ago.

We see flashbacks of how Emanda framed Conrad intercut with what appears to b the return of the Red Sharpie of Justice. The camera pans to reveal that Mason has made a corkboard chart with red string and figured out that Emanda and Amily switched identities!

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