‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Peter Gets a New Rival

"The Good Wife": Chris Noth as Peter (Photo: Jeffrey Neira/CBS)

Every recurring character who has ever been on “The Good Wife” is waiting in the Lockhart-Gardner lobby. It’s madness. Sunday’s episode was directed by Josh Charles, which explains why Willis barely on-screen.

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Mandy (Miriam Shor) introduces herself to Maddie (Maura Tierney) and asks about Peter and the campaign worker. Mandy tells Eli her magazine is printing the story about Peter’s alleged affair. Eli asks Kalinda to investigate Mandy and the magazine. Kalinda shows him the picture of the two of them that Nick stole from Lana and asks which one of them is being investigated.

Eli talks to Maddie’s rival journalist, Peggy (Kristin Chenoweth, who happily has recovered from her on set injury), telling her that Peter prosecuted Mandy’s cousin for child molestation.  Actually, he was just the State’s Attorney at the time. The magazine fires Mandy and won’t be printing the story about Peter.

Maddie tells Alicia she is going to run for governor against Peter.  She makes it sound like this was a sudden decision, but she was obviously just befriending Alicia to get dirt on Peter.  Alicia breaks the news to Eli, who worries she will get all the support from women. She warns that she may have told Maddie something she can use against Peter. Maddie tries to get Peter to drop out and be her Lieutenant Governor reasoning that she can use her own money to finance her campaign.Peter makes it clear that will never happen, calling her a hypocrite who used his wife. Noth is in full sexy Mr. Big mode here.

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Nick is furious when he learns from Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) that he did not get the Tow Truck deal with the city. He wants them to investigate the winners. Alicia tells Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) that her husband will not be doing business in Chicago. Cary discovers that the winning bid can be invalidated because one of the partners is a former government employee who missed the two year waiting period for private sector bids by a week. Alicia tells Kalinda, leaving it up to her whether Nick  is informed. This storyline is fizzling out, just like Will (Josh Charles) and Alicia’s relationship. If the show has a weakness, it’s writing romantic storylines.

An Army judge, who Alicia and Will tangled with last season, wants Alicia to represent a JAG who is suing an Independent Contractor who hired the man who tired to rape her in Afghanistan. Judge Abernathy (Denis O’Hare), the ultra liberal,  is presiding. The company argues that it is immune from lawsuits because it is part of the military. Alicia comes up with an argument that persuades the judge to subpoena the accused rapist. The guy claimed it never happened and offers emails he sent at the time of the attack as proof. The solider who can corroborate the victim’s story is in Afghanistan. Alicia realizes the Army is siding with the contractors. The Army judge summons him to testify for a hearing on the mainstreaming of gender so Alicia can get him to testify, The contractor’s council argues that the attack occurred just after the rapist had been called to active duty making him an army employee. The judge drops the suit.

Clark (Nathan Lane)  gives away Eli’s office. Diane (Christina Baranski) notices him talking to Cary. She asks him about his relationship with Clark. He tells her that he is starting to care and agrees to talk to him. Cary asks her if will doesn’t trust him because he hasn’t been placed on criminal cases. Cary reports that Clark has been negative because he read the Steve jobs biography and believes being mean is a good management technique.

Jackie (Mary Beth Peil) fires her caregiver. Alicia tells Peter to hire a man. Sure enough, Jackie and her Cuban male nurse quickly develop a somewhat flirtatious argumentative relationship.

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