‘Today’ Show Viewers Upset by Yet Another Host Switch

Jenna Wolfe (left) and Erica Hill (Photos: Getty Images)

“Today Show” viewers are reacting negatively to yet another high-profile host switch.

This time, they’re taking to Twitter and other social media to express their dismay over Erica Hill joining “Weekend Today,” displacing Jenna Wolfe, the Sunday co-host on “Weekend Today” who just became the Sunday broadcast’s news anchor.

Although Wolfe is still on the broadcast, her fans are calling her reassignment a “demotion” as they react in the same way fans of Ann Curry reacted last spring when Curry was replaced on the weekday “Today” show by Savannah Guthrie.

“Why does the ‘Today’ show keep messing around with their anchors. Isn’t viewer loyalty worth anything?” Tweeted one irate fan whose disappointment was reported here, on the New York Times Web site.

“First Ann Curry, now Jenna Wolfe getting the short end of the stick,” read a comment on Facebook, the Times’ story said.

Hill — who was dropped in July from the CBS morning show, “CBS This Morning” — started her new job as co-host of both the Saturday and Sunday “Weekend Today” broadcasts on NBC this past weekend. Wolfe had been the news reader on the Saturday show, and co-host on the Sunday show. Now she’s the news reader on both shows.

The Times’ story quoted “Weekend Today” viewers who thought Wolfe looked dissatisfied when reading the news on the Sunday show. “I felt so bad for Jenna, looking very uncomfortable. It’s like seeing Ann Curry all over again,” commented one fan.

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