Major Reveal on ‘Revolution’ Explains Blackout Mystery?

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The truth behind the blackout may have been revealed on Monday night’s episode of “Revolution,” which delved into one of the show’s core mysteries.

In a powerful flashback to three years before the blackout, viewers learn that Ben and Rachel were developing a device that would generate a clean power source.

“Instead of generating electricity it inhibits it,” Ben explained. “It’s a failure, but a very interesting one.”

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However, one man’s failure is the Department of Defense’s next secret weapon. After the pair realize they can’t do it alone, Ben pleads with a reluctant Rachel to work with the government on it, as they are very interested in the device. “Another month, we won’t be able to keep the lights on,” Ben says. (Get it, audience? wink, wink.)

“What if they want to use it as a weapon?” Rachel wonders.

And fade to black…

While we already know that the key to restoring the power lies in those prized pendants, now we know just how a global power fail could have even occurred. There are still questions, of course, but this counts as a significant reveal.

“Revolution” airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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