‘Burn Notice’ Star Jeffrey Donovan: There Will Be a ‘Huge Betrayal’

Jeffrey Donovan in "Burn Notice" (Photo by Glenn Watson/USA Network)

After escaping death by bombing in the mid-season finale of “Burn Notice,” Michael (Jeffrey Donovan), Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Jesse (Coby Bell) are stuck in Panama with no way back to the States when the series returns for the second half of Season 6 on Thursday night.

As cunning and clever as the guys are, it is Fi who comes up with a plane to hijack in order to get home. But all doesn’t go as planned, and Michael must first escape the clutches of a sadistic Panamanian drug-runner (Jose Zuniga) before they can hop on board.

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“This last half of the season is all about Michael’s judgment being so clouded and so subjective because of his feelings toward his brother, what happened to him and what his mother accuses him of,” Donovan tells XfinityTV.com. “Those are stakes that Michael has never dealt with.”

With the last half of Season 6 focusing on finding the man who ordered the hit that caused Nate’s (Seth Peterson) death — there is an interesting twist with the man who actually pulled the trigger, it is going to be a more personal season than previous ones in which Michael was hell-bent on discovering who burned him and rejoining the CIA.

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“Michael’s judgment is so clear when he is being shot at, he is being chased, or he is trying to figure out a solution with a bottle of Clorox and a car battery,” Donovan says. “When he is at home with his mom, or when he was talking to his brother Nate, or he is in a fight with Fiona, those are the most subjective emotional moments for him and he doesn’t know how to handle it.”

Back in Miami, Madeline (Sharon Gless) may not have forgiven her older son for her younger son’s death, but that doesn’t mean she wants to lose both boys, so she puts on her tough mother role and does her part to see that Michael returns home safely — even if it means consorting with the enemy.

“I think you’ll see mending in the latter part of the season,” Donovan says. “I think that Madeline’s love for Michael is unconditional in the best way. What I think is the hardest thing on Madeline is not seeing Michael go back into the CIA, doing a job, or maybe even crossing the line in accomplishing some kind of mission, it’s when he hurts his friends.”

Michael also gets help from an unexpected source this season in order to take down the man who burned him — help that couldn’t be bought and paid for but is a result of actions that Michael takes to protect his friends. But even so, it is going to be a dangerous season with a “shocking finale.”

“Michael makes a decision which affects not only his friends but Fiona,” Donovan says. “There is going to be a huge betrayal. I think the audience is going to be excited to see Season 7 to see where Michael will go after making one of the worst decisions he has ever made.”

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Although “Burn Notice” was just renewed for a seventh season, Donovan says he can only speculate on what might happen next. He feels that the trajectory of going after the person responsible for his burn notice and trying to get reinstated has played itself out and Season 7 will be more personal. As part of that, he sees is the time bomb that is Fiona and Michael’s relationship exploding.

“She is nitro, he is glycerin and they are going to blow up,” he says. “How they blow up is going to be unique to them. Blowing up to them may be them getting married. It may also be them killing each other. I don’t know, but the more conflict those two have is best for the show. When they become romantic and cute towards each other, I think, the show gets boring. I think you will see a combustible Michael and Fiona in Season 7.”

“Burn Notice” returns with a two-hour premiere Thursday night at 9/8c on USA Network.

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