Vice President Joe Biden Filmed Secret Appearance on ‘Parks and Recreation’

Vice President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Even though he just locked up another four years in the White House, the Vice President still has a little time for Hollywood.

City Councilwoman Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is about to meet her dream man: Joe Biden! No, really.

The Vice President will guest star on the Nov. 15 episode of “Parks and Recreation,” reports The New York Times.

The Veep filmed the top-secret appearance on the NBC sitcom way back in July, which was just revealed Wednesday, the day after the one-two punch of Obama and Biden won the Election.

Biden will show up in the beginning of the episode, in which former campaign manager Ben (Adam Scott) takes his fiancee to the White House to meet the VP, a dream come true for the first lady of Pawnee, whose vision of the ideal man has “the brains of George Clooney and the body of Joe Biden.”

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The series landed the casting coup with Biden when they shot on location this summer in Washington, D.C., for the Season 5 premiere, which featured cameos by Senators Barbara Boxer, Olympia Snowe, and John McCain.

“It was all very byzantine and complicated,” executive producer Michael Schur tells the NYT of filming with America’s No. 2. “There seem to be all kinds of specific rules, which I never fully understood. But we decided to err on the side of caution.”

But producers say it was worth the cloak and dagger routine, because the gag is a hoot.

“[Leslie] has a lot of female heroes that cross party lines. She has a lot of social figures that she considers heroes, but the funniest hero is Joe Biden. There’s an episode last season where she says, ‘Joe Biden is on my celebrity sex list — well, he is my celebrity sex list’ …,” Shur explains to Entertainment Weekly.

“It was amazing to have her meet Olympia Snowe and Barbara Boxer because that meant something to her politically. But this transcends that,” he says. “She’s meeting the man that she’s in love with on some deep level. It was a bigger deal to us in some ways that she meet Joe Biden than it was that she meet Barack Obama.”

“Parks and Recreation” airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

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