‘Once Upon a Time’: Ruby’s Wolf Woes Return When Someone Turns Up Dead in Storybrooke

by | November 9, 2012 at 12:44 PM | Once Upon a Time

Poor Ruby. She was doing so well up until now. On Sunday night’s episode of “Once Upon a Time,” Ruby, aka The Big Bad Wolf, has to deal with the consequences of turning during Storybrooke’s first post-curse full moon. (Why she doesn’t have her antidote cape is unclear.) When Billy the tow truck driver turns up dead at a gruesome murder scene, all signs point to her as the culprit. But does she remember committing the crime? Preview Sunday’s “Child of the Moon” below:

In other news, Decker, aka King George, has an axe to grind with David, aka Prince Charming. You see, George, who likely believes he’s the best leader Storybrooke’s never had, has half a mind to expose the truth about David’s humble shepherding origins and prove that he’s unfit to run the town as sheriff. Will David give up his post? Tune in Sunday night at 8/7c for an all-new episode.

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