Watch: Celebrities Throw Down in ‘All Star Bowling Trick Shots’

by | November 9, 2012 at 11:06 PM | Happy Endings, Parks & Recreation, The Office

Adam Scott on Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Leave it to the folks at “Funny or Die” to take bowling to an extreme new level.

The website released a new video featuring a bevy of celebrities performing trick shots with a bowling ball and ten pins. In order to add a new dimension to the series of strikes, some of the tricks involved trampolines while others involved slides, bridges and/or remote control cars.

Witness the skills of the likes of “Parks and Recreation’s” Adam Scott, “Happy Ending’s” Damon Wayans Jr., Craig Robinson from “The Office” as well as the likes of John Goodman, Jon Heder, Richard Karn, and Aubrey Huston and more in “All Star Bowling Trick Shots.”

Here’s the video…