‘Breaking Amish’ Finale: A Wedding, and a Secret Baby: Watch

Rebecca and Abe were married on "Breaking Amish" on Sunday night (Photo: TLC)

None of the five participants on TLC’s “Breaking Amish” returned to the sects in which they grew up — preferring to stake their futures on life among the non-Amish they call “English.”

At least, that’s where things stood with the five — three young woman (one of whom was not Amish, but a Mennonite) and two young men — when “Breaking Amish” had its season finale Sunday night.

“Breaking Amish” was the series in which these five young people — who had all grown up in sheltered, rural communities in which outsiders were almost never encountered — all moved to New York to see if a life outside of their communities was something they would prefer to pursue as they embarked on adulthood.

What happened? Well, they each in their own way opted out of their traditional lifestyles. As a result, the one outcome common to all of them was that they were all rejected in some way by their families. Some were shunned altogether, while at least two of them — Abe and Rebecca — continue to have some contact with their relatives.

Watch the season finale of “Breaking Amish”:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Breaking-Amish/5731106459522588112/2303355792/Finale/embed 580 476]

Here’s what happened to the five on the season finale:

Abe and Rebecca: The two lovebirds were married in Atlantic City. However, the path to the actual wedding was blocked with difficulty, particularly when Abe and Rebecca both became angry at their friends for hiring strippers for a pre-wedding bash. It was also revealed that Rebecca, who had been married previously to (and divorced from) an Amish man, had a young daughter, 19 months-old, though it was uncertain who the father was. The revelation did not derail her and Abe’s wedding, and the two were married. Our take: We found the whole Atlantic City bachelor/bachelorette party thing interesting because it reinforced our impression at various times while watching “Breaking Amish” that the show’s producers were trying to mimic “Jersey Shore.” And in this case, they succeeded, since the party plotline was literally at the Jersey shore.

Kate: Rejected by her Amish family, Kate is embarking on her hoped-for career in modeling.

Sabrina and Jeremiah: After learning earlier in the season that her Mennonite parents’ tale of her origins was a lie, she continues to try and learn more about her Puerto Rican heritage. As revealed earlier, her adoptive parents had long insisted that they adopted her as an infant after she was found discarded in a trashcan. But now, she knows a lot more about her birth parents and her background. By the end of the finale, she and Jeremiah — formerly a couple — were coupled with others: He with an “English” girl and she with boyfriend Harry.

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