‘DWTS: All-Stars’: Kirstie Alley on Elimination: ‘It Was a Great Run’

'DWTS: All-Stars' Says Goodbye to Kirstie and Maks (Photo: ABC)

Kirstie Alley and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy delighted fans by finishing second on “Dancing with the Stars” during Season 12. But the hilariously funny zaftig star and her outspoken pro were cut from the All-Stars season on Tuesday night in Week 8, two weeks shy of the finale.

During the double elimination show, in which Gilles Marini and his partner Peta Murgatroyd were also kicked off, the former “Cheers” actress and Maks couldn’t survive their low cumulative scores for the past two weeks. While frontrunners Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani earned 99 points, bottom dwellers Kirstie and Maks only got 79.

After the show, the couple who had amused the public and press all season was typically funny. Would you believe that Kirstie plans to unwind from her “DWTS” experience with a “Law & Order” marathon?

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Here was what Season 15’s fun couple said while bidding “All-Stars” goodbye on Tuesday night:

What are your thoughts about ending your “DWTS” journey, Kirstie?
Kirstie: I’m so glad I did it and it was a great run. You know, Maks tried his hardest but come on. The bottom line is, there’s extraordinary dancers on here and the first time we did the show, I think everyone was even Steven and from the time I saw this cast I was slightly flipping out — and rightfully so!
Maks: Mathematically [there was a] 20-point difference between us and the first place. I think it was ten plus points between us and whoever was next [lowest].
Kirstie: Do we NEED to say this stuff now?
Maks: Yes! You’re not the boss of me anymore.
Kirstie: It was so close!
Maks: It was not even–!
Kirstie: The difference between first place and us was nothing.
Maks: She’s insane.

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Maks was so even-tempered this season. What did you do to him?
Kirstie: Tranquilizers, horse tranquilizers. The human ones didn’t really work!

Now that you have down time, is there a sequel to your book [The Art of Men] in the works?
Kirstie: There is no sequel to the book!
Maks: Please don’t write any more books.
Kirstie: I’m preparing to shoot [my new sitcom] “Giant Baby” on December 10th and I’m excited about that and what else are we doing? I’m sleeping. I’ve decided for 48 hours, I’m going to hire someone to wait on me and give me whatever I want while I watch “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and “Criminal Minds” marathon. I’m obsessed with forensics!

How many episodes are you set for “Giant Baby”?
Kirstie: None yet! We’re just—
Maks: She’s trying to find the best way to kill me and get away with it on “Law & Order.”

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Maks was always smiling with you as his partner this season.
Kirstie: I think that’s gas pain because his stomach was always in turmoil dealing with me, don’t you think so? I do!

What have you learned from doing “DWTS” this time around?
Kirstie: I don’t know if I’ve learned anything. [Well, I think] A) I’ve learned you’re insane for joining this cast, and B) I think that Maks and I have an amazing relationship that evolves, and before this show, I didn’t know our position with each other really and I do now. You love me!! I love him, too!

Will Maks appear on your sitcom?
Kirstie: He is! [But] He’s not playing a dancer.

What did you enjoy most about doing the show?
Kirstie: I think we got better and we had fun and we got to meet a lot of amazing people, truly.
Maks: Like who?
Kirstie: Like the other dancers!
Maks: I f***ing met them before!
Kirstie: I didn’t!

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