‘Nashville’ Star Hayden Panettiere: Juliette is a Survivor

Hayden Panettiere in "Nashville" (ABC)

Thanks in large part to the help of saintly Deacon (Charles Esten) in last week’s episode of “Nasvhille,” Juliette Barnes seems poised to finally break free of her tumultuous past and move forward into restoring her public image and getting her life back in order. But her big comeback won’t be simple or easy, says Hayden Panettiere, who plays the tortured but talented country songstress. In tonight’s episode Juliette goes on a sham date with a Tim Tebow-esque quarterback in order to wiggle her way back into the public’s good graces. But will it pay off or completely backfire? In a recent interview with XfinityTV.com, Panettiere previewed what lies ahead on that meandering path toward redemption and whether her relationship with Deacon can actually remain platonic.

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How temporary is Juliette’s fall from grace and how will she emerge from this?
I think Juliette is a survivor. She’s survived this far. She’s survived a very dark past. And that actually becomes one of the reasons why she even steals that nail polish to begin with. She says, “it’s something I used to do as a kid because it made me feel like I can take care of myself because nobody else would.” You see where that comes from and that damage. But she is given this opportunity to resurrect herself and she just sabotages herself again during that “Good Morning America” interview. But she will be on the road to recovery again and it will be a very interesting road indeed.

A positive, interesting road?
For her she needs to be surrounded by good, respectable people, people who are good for her to be seen with in order for her to pull herself out of this hole. And there are interesting characters who come in pretty soon.

See What Juliette Must do to Restore Her Image in a Clip from Tonight’s Episode:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Nashville/8431101814396790112/2304595397/Adorable-baby-animals/embed 580 476]

How does Deacon play into that?
He’s definitely there for her in regards to her mother because that’s something he can relate to that he knows all about. He’s the only person who can try to convince my mother to go into rehab and to fix himself.

Will his help further their bond as friends – or will their relationship return to being romantic?
Right now it’s going down that road of she needs more of a…I don’t want to say father figure in a creepy way, but an older, more mature male figure because she grew up without a dad. She needs a parental figure that she can look up to, someone who’s not a yes person, either. There are people who are terrified of her, and rightfully so given the way she’s behaved. And she’s finally met someone who says no to her and she’s drawn to that.

One of Juliette’s dreams is to play at the Bluebird. Will she this season?
I hope so. I can’t imagine not.

Will Juliette cross paths with Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio)?
I hope so. We don’t get our scripts until right before episodes shoot. I’m not sure what their run-in will be. I think I might have heard something that there might be a little bit of a connection but don’t mark my words!

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