Was Jason Brock Eliminated from ‘The X Factor’ for Being Gay?

Jason Brock on "The X Factor" (FOX)

When Jason Brock got the boot on the first “X Factor” elimination last week, his final words were, “I did it for the gays and Japan.” LA Reid’s Over 25 singer, whom he dubbed “Mr. Entertainment” for his effusive personality, impressed judges since his first audition, but upon making the live shows, seemed to fall into a trap of lounge singer flamboyance that drew ridicule from Simon Cowell.

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After his elimination, Brock told reporters the fact that he is openly gay could have had something to do with his early exit.

“I think that the gay thing could have had some influence on the voting because I think a lot of America isn’t—I wouldn’t say the majority—there’s a good portion of America that still thinks that being gay is wrong. It’s possible that that could have influenced the votes for me,” Brock said.

Brock said he was prepared to go into the limelight out of the closet. “I don’t regret at all being me,” he said, adding that producers never discouraged him from being open. “No one ever said I was too gay or needed to tone it down, thank goodness.”

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But, he said, he couldn’t figure out why Simon Cowell wasn’t a fan, and wondered if it had to do with his sexuality. “It’s hard to say what it was he didn’t like about me,” Brock said. “I sometimes found it hard to pinpoint. I wonder if that might have been a part of it.”

Brock admits that Simon and mentor LA Reid may not have given him his due. “I do think they maybe didn’t take me seriously enough, in part. I am more than just a flamboyant performer. I am a singer and I can sing sincerely, too.”

As for Japan, Brock said he was reaching out to a potential fan base. “I’d love to work there,” Brock said. “They have these shows where they have tons of guests, sitting on a panel and they ask each one–they’re usually some kind of celebrities—try this food, do you like it? Or, what do you think of this funny video clip? You just give your opinion. I want to do that.”

Brock said he has no regrets for his production number choices, especially his much derided first live performance of “Dance Again,” which he called a “pretty gay moment.”

“That was cool and I got my glitter explosion, thank goodness. I wouldn’t take that back.”

Another thing he wouldn’t take back? Asking host Mario Lopez if he could pinch his butt. “I just talked to Mario and he’s–I think we’re in love.”

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