Demi Lovato ‘Bored’ on ‘X Factor’ Diva Night

Demi Lovato on "The X Factor" (FOX)

The biggest challenge for contestants on Wednesday night’s “X Factor” was not the near impossible task of measuring up to legendary “divas” to which the episode was devoted. No, the biggest challenge was keeping Demi Lovato from passing out from boredom.

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The Young Adults coach repeatedly told performers that they bored her, or that she expected she was going to be bored. The way she tells it, the only thing that excites her are her dreadful mentees, but that’s another problem for another day.

The real issue at hand is why Demi is so bored being a judge on this show. Co-judge LA Reid seems like he’s having a good time, bobble-heading his way through everyone’s performances. Simon Cowell might be bored by some of the song choices, but at least he keeps himself entertained by thinking up insults (“It was like asking a cat to eat a tiger.”). Britney Spears is concentrating very hard on looking like she’s just bitten into a lemon. So what’s the problem, Demi? Everyone’s got something to keep them awake but you.

On Wednesday, Demi slung that insult to Arin Ray, who sang Madonna’s “Crazy For You,” and was markedly improved over his previous manic performances backed by themed dancers. The people in the narrative department tried to make it out like Arin was singing it to one of the girls in Fifth Harmony, which might have been true if that girl inspired no feeling in him whatsoever other than maybe a sisterly kind of vibe. So Demi’s boredom wasn’t so far-fetched with Arin.

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Then she admitted to Fifth Harmony that she thought she would be bored throughout their performance of Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” which is definitely not a boring song, so that means that actually, she just generally considers them a boring group. Once again, not totally off the mark.

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But poor Vino Alan, whom Demi has disparaged week after week, got called boring on a very not boring performance of “Let’s Stay Together.” It might not have been shocking or anything, but he deserves more credit than “boring.” Demi then dragged Vino back into things when CeCe Frey bombed her attempt to manipulate us into caring about her by singing “All By Myself.”

[iframe 580 476]

“Sorry that she was better than Vino,” she nannie-nannie-poo-pood to LA Reid, pointlessly. But Britney succinctly closed the lid on Demi’s unwavering support for the intolerable CeCe: “Sorry I just don’t get it.”

Best of the night: The brilliant, otherworldly Carly Rose Sonenclar, singing “My Heart Will Go On”—she is the only female singer in the competition with any power in her voice. Tate Stevens—he’s one I’d venture to use the word boring for, but he’s also consistent, and delivered solidly on Shania Twain’s “From This Moment.”

Worst of the night: Just about everyone else. Particularly all the girls: Jennel Garcia, Diamond White, CeCe Frey, Paige Thomas and Beatrice Miller, who each sang weakly on songs that required muscle. It was diva night, after all. Where were the divas?

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