‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Why is Everyone So Angry?

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Half of this week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” ‘Second Opinion” was devoted to people angrily storming out of rooms. Everyone is just so angry they can’t talk. It gets real old real fast.

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Owen (Kevin Mc Kidd) hires Cristina (Sandra Oh) back. He tells her she will like the new cardiac chief, Jeff. Then he tells her that he is no longer her proxy in the lawsuit and coldly treats her like a stranger.  Jeff, a nice middle aged guy, greets her then sends her on her way, telling her to do whatever she wants. Cristina, eager to establish a reputation as the toughest attending,  gives the interns “dwarf nicknames.” Cristina lets her two interns scrub in when she treats an aortic ulcer. They realize Cristina is a good mentor. Owen yells at her for operating on Jeff’s patient without consulting him. He says Jeff will fire her. Instead, Jeff thanks her. Then he thanks Owen for pushing him to hire Cristina. Owen walks out because nobody is talking in this episode.

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) sits at home reading a fake looking fashion magazine called Trendy. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) calls Arizona for a consultation on a 13-year-old who has a sore throat after surgery. She agrees to let an intern send a chart over. Arizona goes through the effort of putting on her prosthetic and attempting to walk to the front door to pick up the folder. She falls and breaks a vase. But she gets up and keeps going. When she opens the door, the file isn’t there. She phones Bailey to complain. Then she calls back to demand the chart. It’s Bailey’s trick to get her to return to the hospital. It works. She comes in, looks at the chart and makes a quick diagnosis. She finally seems like herself again.

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The plane crash lawsuit meetings continue. The lawyers want to ask the survivors about their emotional problems. They mention they might go after the now paralyzed pilot which upsets everyone. Cristina claims to have no residual injuries and walks out. (Drink!) The lawyer wants Callie (Sara Ramirez) to state that Derek will never operate again because her surgery didn’t work. She reluctantly says it. Callie accuses Derek of forcing everyone not to settle. She also blames him for making her perform the surgery on him. He says he’s to blame for believing she could do it. After seeing Arizona return to work, she retracts her statement. She thinks that Derek’s nerves will regenerate and he will be able to operate again. There are other surgeries she can try. Derek wonders why she never mentioned it before. She says she was scared. She doesn’t want him to give up. The lawyers tell them the best strategy is to go after Seattle Grace for putting them on the plane in the first place, which seems to make no sense from a legal standpoint unless the hospital knowingly put them on a defective plane.

Alex (Justin Chambers) is going to buy Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) old house. He wants her to make about five repairs to the house before he buys it. Alex admits he is buying the house in an attempt to grow up and stop hooking up with interns. Meredith finally admits that all the damages to the house are mementos of her life and she won’t change it. Alex accept this. What a weird plotline. It’s his house now. He can change whatever he wants.

Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) are still having sex and she is still feeling guilty. She’s in Seattle. Someone introduce her to Dan Savage. Avery accidentally got a sex email from the Chief who meant to send it to his mother. He spends the episode relaying messages back and forth from them because older people can’t use the internet properly, getting increasingly grossed out about knowing so much about his mother and his boss’s sex life. The Chief thinks Avery is so invested in the situation because he is secretly happy his mom has found someone. Avery walks out on April without any sweet talk after their most recent sexual encounter. He tells her that her constant claims that having sex with him is the worst thing ever are starting to wear on him. No guy in real life would ever put up with that level of neurosis. She assures him it isn’t him. It’s her. She compares their sex life to a dessert tray that she shouldn’t eat. If April feels guilty about eating dessert, she has other issues. He walks out again. Later, Avery tells April that he has serious feelings for her. April thought it was just sex, which makes no sense given everything that has happened between them. He tells her he did too, but it’s more.  Then, yes, he walks away.

One of the interns, Wilson, treats a drunk known as Santa Claus who keeps vomiting on her. Owen tells her Santa Claus is looking for drugs. He tells her he is freezing to death. She orders an abdominal CT. She also shaves him so he won’t be discriminated against based on his appearance. His scans are clean. She accuses him of looking for drugs. He admits it. It’s because he has migraines. He barfs on her one more time and Korev thinks she is walking around in stained scrubs all day. Finally she unloads on him about his insults and her lousy day. Alex diagnosis it as a Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and gives him medication.

Cristina is lonely in her old apartment. So she shows up at what is now Alec’s house and asks to rent a room from him. So much for growing up. They’re right back where they started.

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