‘RHOATL’: Opposites Don’t Attract with Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart

"RHOATL": Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart -- (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo)

Sunday night’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” brought out the contrast of its characters in full swing, honey. While NeNe was letting Gregg know that the way to her heart was for him to get on a treadmill, Phaedra and Apollo were in talks of producing a calorie-burning “donkey bootie” workout video. While Kim was getting kicked out of her Atlanta dream home, Kandi was fixing to moving into hers. While NeNe was moving on up the success ladder, Cynthia brought her underground by forcing her to ride the New York City subway and eat a $2 dollar hot dog off the street. But perhaps the biggest contrast was Kenya and newest newbie Porsha, with the two illustrating a bad case of a bitter, old(er), and single peach vs. a privileged, young, and married peach, among other things.

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Let’s recap how these latter chicks didn’t get along…

Meeting up for the first time, Porsha grabs lunch with Kenya and invites her to her late grandfather’s charity event, the Hosea Williams Foundation.

We find out that Porsha is an Atlanta socialite and comes from an established and respected black family and that her grandfather was a famous Civil Rights leader…but despite her lineage, we realize Porsha’s not only young, but frankly, she seems kinda dumb. Like, oh my gah!

Smelling naivete (and fertility) from a mile away, Kenya quietly tears Porsha apart with her glowing colored contacts, but her violent fantasies come to a shrieking halt when the latter abruptly asks her (in cheerleader-speak): 1) if she’s married, 2) has she ever been married, 3) does she want to get married, and 4) does she want to have children.

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Batting her eyelashes, Porsha rattles off her plan to have all her children by the age of 35 with her former NFL baller Kordell Stewart and that they aim to have a girl first, which she says they’ll schedule based on the Chinese Calendar. (Kenya almost upchucks her spinach salad.)

When the night of the foundation arrives, Kenya expects the red carpet treatment, but she realizes that the event isn’t up to her high standards. She invites Lawrence to entertain her during the night, but like a drag-o-licious queen that he is, he’s running fashionably late.

As the all-women’s event gets underway, Porsha’s hubby Kordell makes a quick appearance, praising his princess and then giving her a $200K check for the foundation—along with a Chanel bag. Like a little girl, she screams with delight, while Kenya desperately looks around for a noose to hang herself with.

Once Porsha makes a speech and accidentally calls Kenya a former “Miss America,” the latter is done. She corrects Porsha in front of everyone and then gives her the cold shoulder, complaining about the festivities for the rest of the night.

Once Lawrence shows up, Kenya quickly slams her new frenemy, but Porsha hears her from the distance. She tells her she’s not only full of disrespect but that she’s also not welcome back inside. The ladies exchange some “one-ups,” with Porsha ending their catfight by telling Kenya that she’s just old.

But in hindsight, the elder had a few harsh words for the young’un herself…

“I think Porsha’s entire identity is basically resting on the coattails of everyone else,” Kenya tells the camera. “She’s the wife of, she’s the granddaughter of—she’s not made a name for herself. I didn’t need anybody else to make me who I am. I made a name for myself. She pretty much needs to do the same.”

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