‘The Good Wife’: Jealousy Takes Over as Nick Rages Against Cary

Nick (Mark Warren) in "The Good Wife" (Photo: Jeffrey Neira/CBS)

The Good Wife” returned this week with an interesting case, the return of Zach’s computer wizardry and actual movement in the Kalinda-Nick storyline.

Will (Josh Charles) is representing a woman who is accused of conspiring with her lover to kill her wealthy husband.  Laura (Amanda Peat) is the opposing counsel. It seems like an awfully high profile case for her first civilian trial. Will manages to poke holes in the State’s Attorney’s case. But Laura gets aggressive and manages to beat back his motions.

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After court, Will has drinks with Kalinda, who he hasn’t had enough scenes with this season, and notices the presiding judge, Judge Creary (Judd Hirsch)  having drinks with  Giada (Karen Olivo), Will’s wealthy law-student ex. She’s a full-fledged lawyer now, but we never get much of an explanation for why she’s drinking with a geriatric judge. Creary tells Will that his client is guilty, using the term Actus Reus, which refers to a guilty act. Will tells him that if he has that bias, he should recuse himself. The judge drunkenly calls Will a disbarred lawyer with no ethics who should never be allowed to practice again. Diane (Christine Baranski) agrees that they need to do something because apparently their black widow of a client is rich enough to get the firm out of debt if she wins. Wouldn’t she have to pay even if she is found guilty? Or is the  problem that her husband’s fortune would then go to someone else due to her pre-nup? They agree they should ask for a recusal, but want Alicia (Julianna Margulies)  to argue it because the judge likes women. The judge denies the motion, so Alicia files for a substitution hearing. He warns that if they lose, he will judge the case, and he will already be annoyed with them. Judge Dunaway (Jeffrey Tambor), who does not like the firm, is presiding over the substitution hearing. Creary insists on attending the hearing. Will testifies about what the judge said. Opposing council brings up the chum-hum search results that show “Will Gardner Disbarred Lawyer” at the top search result for his name. That’s a nice piece of continuity.

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Judge Creary testifies that Will is lying about everything. So Will invites Giada, who can corroborate his story, out for a drink. She’s miffed that he ended their relationship by pulling a fadeaway. That is really unbecoming behavior for a guy of Will’s age. Grow up, Gardner.  They have sex before Will brings up the hearing. Will is apparently very confident in his bedroom skills. She won’t testify because, in her opinion,  the judge was just trying to impress her rather than demonstrating sincere bias. Giada is even more impressed with herself than Will is.

In what seems like a throwaway scene, Cary (Matt Cazuchry) tells Nick they can appeal the city’s tow truck ruling on the base of fraud, but he needs to ask a few questions about his drug conviction in Canada. Nick notices Cary giving Kalinda a friendly glance as she walks by. Nick asks Cary about his suits. Cary wears Calvin Klein for the record. Then he asks Cary if he is gay, which is hilarious. Instead of clarifying that he is interested exclusively in Women of Color, Cary suggests continuing the conversation when Alicia is back in the office.

At a poker game, Cary talks to Creary’s  law clerk, who says that the judge has been a mess since his marriage fell apart. He finds himself testifying at the hearing, furious that what he thought was a conversation with a friend is becoming part of the public record. He testifies that Creary along with virtually every other judge trash talked Will. Cary tells Diane that the clerk told him that Creary has been going to A.A. Alicia asks Kalinda to investigate. Nick overhears and wants to know if she was talking to Cary. She tells him to give the Alpha male thing a rest. When she leaves, he hits redial on her cell phone. Of course Cary answers because he and Alicia share an office.

Kalinda goes to an A.A. meeting and finds a friend of Creary’s who, upon being subpeonaed is compelled to testify. She says he recently returned to addiction when his wife left. He suffers black outs. The judge attacks Lockhart-Gardner for resorting to disgusting character attacks, but they have proven their case. He is assigning a new judge. Creary slinks out of the courtroom. Laura tells them to cop a plea, revealing that Creary said actus reus because it’s the name of a website for cheating spouses where the judge saw her client’s profile. Shouldn’t he have recused himself for that reason, after tipping off the State’s Attorney’s office to her lying ways? Creary is still more ethically challenged than Will.

When Peter’s o-line fundraising increases, Eli hires the young volunteer responsible for improving web traffic. She is in fact relying on a volunteer named Jay, which is the name that Zach is using to secretly work on his father’s campaign. This is the nerdiest teen subterfuge ever. Next season, Zach is going to end up owning Chum Hum. Zach tells her he can’t work full time. When the web traffic goes down, the newly promoted employee introduces Eli to “Jay”, saying Eli would like to offer him a job. Eli advises Zach on how to persuade Alicia to let him work on the campaign.

One of Grace’s classmates killed herself four days after breaking up with her boyfriend. Though she did not know the girl, Grace finds herself preoccupied with the dead girl’s ex-boyfriend, Connor, who is supposedly a bad boy. His scandalous activities include wearing an earring and smoking. The idea that Grace kissing him could become a political scandal is ridiculous, but, nonetheless, the opposing team ask Alicia if she’d be willing to let the kids be interviewed. When she gets home, Zach’s polite request that he be allowed to volunteer on the campaign seems downright reasonable.

As Cary walks in the rain towards his car, Nick’s henchman Bill jumps him, and beats him to a pulp. No! Cary better be all right, and Kalinda better instantly realize that her husband is responsible. Watch the shocking scene and see if you can figure out if Cary’s alright.

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