Was ‘X Factor’ Act Lyric 145 Eliminated Because Simon Cowell Doesn’t Know Hip-Hop?

Lyric 145 on "The X Factor" (FOX)

Simon Cowell’s devised “X Factor U.K.” group One Direction has skyrocketed to popularity, but the rap group he put together on this season of the “X Factor,” Lyric 145, has not fared as well. The trio made of NYC brothers and Michigan’s Lyric Da Queen, were sent home from the “X Factor” on Thursday’s double-elimination episode.

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The previous night, they did a mashup of “We Will Rock You” and “E.T.,” but that song was not their first choice. Though they won’t reveal what they had wanted to sing, it was snatched away from them the day before the show because of “technical issues, legal issues.”

But there was also their mentor, Simon Cowell, in the way of their song choice.

“We actually got the problems fixed so we were fighting really, really hard to convince our mentor to let us do the song that we were comfortable with,” the group told reporters. “But Simon felt the other song was stronger and unfortunately it wasn’t and we just had to roll with the punches.”

Song selection on the “X Factor” comes down to mentor choice with some input from the act, they said.

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“For the most part songs just get thrown at you from all different directions and you put an idea in as well. The mentor initially makes the final decision over what song you’re going to do but they honestly come from many angles.”

Some speculate that Lyric 145 didn’t get the attention it deserved because Simon played favorites with rival group Emblem3, but Lyric 145 said it was discomfort with hip-hop, rather than favoritism.

“Simon has never worked with a hip-hop group before,” they said. Emblem3, however, is “more his lane and what he’s used to and what he probably feels he can do the most with because that’s where his experience is. With us, it’s kind of like he was still learning. He told us that out of his own mouth. Like he wanted to learn something from us.”

There are no hard feelings. “We still have a lot of love and respect for Simon. You know, he’s only human and that’s pretty much it.”

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