‘DWTS: All-Stars’: Fan Fave Emmitt Smith Doesn’t Score Spot in Finals

'DWTS: All-Stars': Emmitt and Cheryl (Photo: ABC)

NFL football great Emmitt Smith couldn’t survive the girl power on “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars.” The last male celebrity left in the competition was eliminated at the end of Tuesday night’s results show with partner Cheryl Burke, after speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff had been given their walking papers earlier in the show.

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While the gridiron legend ended his solid “All-Stars” run, ex-gymnast Shawn Johnson, former “Bachelor” star Melissa Rycroft, and “General Hospital” beauty Kelly Monaco move on to the season finale, setting the stage for a “DWTS” first in 15 seasons: An all-female finale.

The charismatic athlete, who knows all about winning and losing, displayed no unhappiness about the results backstage. In fact, Emmitt sang the Al Green song “For the Good Times” to reporters, saying, “Why are you all looking so sad?” and then warbling the lyrics, “Don’t look so sad. I know it’s over. But life goes on and this world keeps on turning, let’s just be glad… Al Green, baby!”

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Emmitt, who got the same score of 27 for both his Espionage Lindy Hop and tango on Monday night, said he did all he could in the dance competition. “How much more could I have done?” he asked reporters. “I mean, [we did] 23 1/2 hours of work last week. I mean, [should I have done] 25, 30? 40?”

According to Emmitt, he and Cheryl worked their tails off. “She’s been there by my side the whole entire time so I think we pushed the limits. I’m not necessarily saying we worked harder than most, but we pushed the limits in terms of the number of hours we’ve been in the studio, for a reason, trying to get it to perfection and obviously, right now, it just wasn’t good enough. It’s no reflection on her. For me, I only have so much I can give,” he laughed. “There’s only so much I can do and she’s done great. She’s been excellent to work with.”

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Emmitt does regret that his kids won’t be able to watch him in the finale. “I’m extremely disappointed, but this is a life learning lesson for them, too. They need to understand that all things may not go your way but just because they don’t go your way, it’s not the end of all things. Like I said, let’s just be glad we had this moment to share together and at the end of the day, let’s just get up tomorrow and make it a better day.”

The former pro football player and Cheryl won Season 3 together in 2006, but Emmitt said of All-Stars, “I’m sorry I couldn’t help her get to that mirror ball trophy [again].”

Post-show, Emmitt was looking forward to “kiss[ing] my wife and heading home to Texas and loving on my kids for the rest of the week and enjoying Thanksgiving.” He can eat as much as he wants after losing 15-20 pounds while doing “DWTS.” “That’s due to those 23 1/2 hours working in the studio! I’ve been trying to think about this once the show was over — how am I going to replace those hours of cardio vascular? I just don’t know how I’m going to do it and make it as impactful as she’s made it on me.”

Meanwhile, as has been previously reported, Cheryl is hoping she might be the next “Bachelorette.” “There are things that you’ve probably heard. We’ll see if they’re actual plans!” she told reporters on Tuesday night. If the dancer were to get the gig, Cheryl said, she would “just be myself” on the hit ABC reality relationship show. Meanwhile, her “All-Stars” co-star and former “Bachelor” babe Melissa Rycroft, who is rooting for her to be the next “Bachelorette,” moves on to the “DWTS” finals along with Shawn Johnson and Kelly Monaco.

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