Jennel Garcia Blames Her ‘X Factor’ Elimination on Being Too Good

Jennel Garcia on "The X Factor" (Jeff Lipsky/FOX)

Jennel Garcia still can’t figure out what got her sent home so early on “The X Factor,” and she’s convinced it has nothing to do with the clonealike treatment given to her hair by mentor Demi Lovato. Rather, she said, she wonders if her elimination was a tactical move on the part of the judges to get Demi’s best contestant out of the competition.

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“I tried to think of it a lot of different ways. I’m not sure. A lot of people think that maybe—I’m not just tooting my own horn, but a lot of people have told me and a lot of the producers and vocal coaches have told me I was the strongest on Demi’s team. So I think because they had the choice to get me out they took me out. Other than that I can’t come up with any other reason why they would have chosen me to go home.”

Jennel was surprised by LA Reid, Simon Cowell and Britney Spears all picking her to be sent home. “They all gave me such good critiques since day one,” said Garcia. “I haven’t gotten any bad critiques at all about my performances besides ‘Landslide,’” which she sang during boot camp.

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“I mean, it’s kind of hard to realize and figure out why, why me, when so many people have had such high hopes for me. It’s really shocking, but everything happens for a reason.”

When it was Demi’s turn to say which of her own two mentees, Garcia or Paige Thomas, she was choosing to go home, Demi chose to eliminate Paige. Garcia says she will treasure that moment.

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“It feels good that my mentor chose me because the bottom two were two people in her category and she…knows what we’re both capable of doing,” Garcia said. “She chose me and that’s amazing. That means so much to me.”

As for Simon Cowell’s criticism that Demi tried to make Garcia look like her, Garcia said: “The thing was was that Demi understood me so well and she changed me the way that I wanted to be. I loved my look so much the first two weeks.”

But, Garcia conceded, the change may haven been too drastic and too early. “I didn’t grow to that point and that was an issue. It was almost like we rushed into it too fast.”

If it were up to her, Garcia said she might not have worn all the black clothing. “I would’ve made some more funky outfits that were a little bit more me. But the dark hair and the music, the tough part of music, that was me and that’s who I want to be as an artist.”

She did disagree with Demi, however, on song choice during the “Divas” week.

“It was her choice to do ‘Proud Mary’ and I was fighting against it. I was completely against it. We had another song prepared and I was really fighting for that one, but unfortunately she chose ‘Proud Mary.’ She thought that could get me to the top of the voting chart and it went the complete opposite direction, but I’m not mad at her for it.”

Just chalk it up to Demi’s inexperience as a mentor. “It’s true; she’s human and she’s going to make mistakes and she’s is new at the mentoring thing,” said Garcia. “I think yes, a little bit of choosing that song that I really, really didn’t like definitely affected me and my performance and the results.”

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