Watch: David Letterman’s ‘Top Ten Fun Facts About Thanksgiving’

by | November 22, 2012 at 12:30 PM | Late Show with David Letterman, TV News

David Letterman marked Thanksgiving Eve Wednesday night on his CBS “Late Show” with a Turkey Day-themed “Top Ten” list.

This one was “Fun Facts About Thanksgiving,” and we liked it very much — except for the item that mentioned the late Ernest Borgnine, who died earlier this year. To us, that one was in questionable taste, and from the sound of Dave’s studio audience when he recited the Borgnine item, his audience agreed with us.

The item was No. 9 — “When Thanksgiving aficionado Ernest Borgnine died, his family had him stuffed turkey-style!” We didn’t think it was right to treat Ernie Borgnine that way. He was a beloved movie and TV star who lived a long time (he died last July at age 95) and by most accounts, was widely loved and respected. So what’s Letterman’s problem with him? Heaven only knows …

But hey, it’s Thanksgiving, and this “Top Ten” was highly appropriate — for the most part. Watch it, above.