Britney Spears Loses Two on ‘X Factor’ Elimination

"The X Factor": Khloe Kardashian Odom, Beatrice Miller and Cece Frey (Photo: Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

We got glimpses of another Rachel Crow catastrophe on last night’s “X Factor” when Beatrice Miller, a 13-year-old contestant who was not ready to be on one of these shows, got sent home with three judges votes against her. Beatrice was deliriously crying, even before she got the bad news that she was in the bottom two, then during her save-me song, and finally when Simon Cowell put the final nail in her coffin. The ever astute Khloe Kardashian Odom asked her, “Are you okay?” Beatrice replied, “No.” It was the closest thing we got to a can’t-look-away tantrum like Rachel’s last season.

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Beatrice definitely wasn’t ready for this show, exemplified by the seriousness she put into it. During her run, she was always moping about how her family can’t afford anything, and that she needs to support them by winning the show. When she got the chance to speak after her elimination, she apologized to her family. That’s not gracious losing. That’s just super sad.

Beatrice’s coach, Britney Spears, who was looking Thanksgiving festive in a red dress and a pretty up-do, lost another Teen last night, Arin Ray. With him, it was a matter-of-time situation, getting dreadful feedback pretty much every week. He got sent home at the top of the show, while Beatrice got a sing-for-your-life moment against perpetual bottom-dweller CeCe Frey.

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Looking at the rankings, it’s clear who will be staying put on this show for the next couple of weeks. The top four were the same four contestants as in previous weeks. Only Carly Rose Sonenclar and Tate Stevens switched spots, putting Carly first and Tate second. Vino Alan was in third for the third week in a row. And Emblem3 came in fourth.

On the bottom, CeCe Frey was back in dead last, and Paige Thomas wasn’t too far behind, in sixth. A surprise, but not really, put Fifth Harmony in seventh place. And Diamond White continues to hover in the middle of the pack.

Just a few more weeks and then we can really get down to business—the competition between country man Tate Stevens and another 13-year-old, though one much better equipped for stardom, Carly Rose Sonenclar. Or, as Mario Lopez referred to her, “Carly Rose Sonenblaaarrrr.” There’s a pirate joke in there somewhere.

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