‘Homeland’ Preview: A Threat is Imminent

by | November 23, 2012 at 11:27 AM | Homeland

With Brody in the hands of Abu Nazir, it looks like it’s Hero Mike to the rescue again. In a new preview from Sunday’s episode of “Homeland,” Mike shows up chez Brody with a message for Jess: There’s an imminent threat and he needs to take her and the kids to safety. Because Dana is the most annoying character ever frustrated by all of the problems her father has caused, she’s quick to blame the potential national security breach and destruction of all of America on him. “This is bulls–t,” she exclaims before storming into her room. Mike is fast to follow. “Everything that goes wrong right now is because of my f–king Dad!” she screams. If only you knew the half of it, Dana. DVR the next episode of “Homeland.”

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