‘DWTS: All-Stars’ Finale: Rycroft Bristles at Being Considered the Underdog

'DWTS: All-Stars': Melissa and Tony (Photo: ABC)

An incredible showing of girl power will rule the “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars” finals as Olympian Shawn Johnson, soap star Kelly Monaco and reality star Melissa Rycroft all compete for the ultimate mirror ball trophy in this week’s two-night Season 15 finale.

Here’s what “All-Stars” finalists Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani told xfinityTV backstage after they survived the shocking semifinals elimination results show:

How do you feel about the all-female competition?
Melissa: I know! How flipping great is that? The girls beat the boys. I don’t think anybody saw that written in the cards, and I have to say, the Vegas odds had Tony and I [at] 70 to 1 at the beginning of the competition. So it feels so good and to be in the company that we are in. The three of us are so different. It’s going to be great.

How does it feel to be the underdogs of the finals?
Melissa: I don’t think of it like that. I just want to go in and say this is our time to show off now and let’s think of what we can do that no one else can do in this competition.

What is your plan of attack for this week?
Melissa: First, some rest… Then we are coming in fresh tomorrow, and now we know what the competition looks like, we can make a plan of attack for the finals [and] the freestyle!

In Season 8, you guys finished third with a hip hop freestyle. I’m assuming that’s out this time?
Melissa: I will say we are probably going to go a different route than hip hop and move on to plan two.
Tony: Definitely plan two!

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Dancing-With-the-Stars/6286089193231416112/2306749535/Melissa-Rycroft-s-Tenth-Dance/embed 580 476]

What can we expect from your finale dance?
Tony: I haven’t choreographed it yet. We have approached every single week like it’s our last, so we never start the next choreography until we find out exactly what’s happening, then I go home and pretend I’m sleeping. I probably won’t, and I’ll be choreographing all night and coming up with ideas. It’s all about showing the best way to showcase Melissa’s talent.

What will the highly anticipated “All-Stars” freestyle look like?
Melissa: It’s basically like a freestyle on crack. The freestyle before was do whatever you want, and now it’s like do whatever you want plus here is a whole bag of tricks that you can use. It’s unbelievable.

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Tony, What do you think is Melissa’s greatest strength?
Tony: Wow, her fearlessness, she trusts me implicitly, in every aspect, with lifts and everything else I try with her, because everything she does I have taught her. I know it looks great at the end, but you don’t know what the road getting there looks like. So the fact that she trusts me is the biggest part — what we have is a true partnership. As far as her ability, it’s unbelievable. I think she’s the greatest student that I have ever had.

What will you do after the show?
Melissa: I’m up for anything. I mean this ride for the past four years that I have been on has been taking opportunities as they come. I will say when this opportunity is over, I think Dallas is calling and some family time is calling. We will enjoy the holidays quietly in Dallas, then we will see what happens.

Would you consider Broadway?
Melissa: My gosh, if I could sing I would be lethal. I would love to do ‘Chicago,’ but I can’t carry a tune.
Tony: [blocks his ears] No comment!
Melissa: But, I wish!
Tony: We should do ‘Chicago’ together and hand everyone earmuffs at the beginning of the show. And tell them to just watch us dance.

The final three compete for the glitziest mirror ball trophy of all time on Monday’s one-hour final performance episode at 8/7c on ABC, with the two-hour Season 15 finale airing Tuesday night from 9-11 p.m., where the winner will be crowned.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Dancing-With-the-Stars/6286089193231416112/2306727404/Melissa-Rycroft-s-Eleventh-Dance/embed 580 476]

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