‘DWTS: All-Stars’ Reveal Their Favorite Holiday Films and Traditions

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The competitors on “Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars” wanted a brand new bright and sparkly holiday decoration this year—the mirror ball trophy! But even the celebrities and pro dancers who didn’t win the coveted prize were looking forward to spending time with friends and family, resting their tired feet in front of the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, watching their favorite holiday movies and ringing in the New Year. Here, some of the “All-Stars” share with XfinityTV.com their holiday favorites and traditions:

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Favorite Holiday Movie:Home Alone.” It’s frickin’ hilarious. You can watch it sober or not. It still is very funny. You can watch it 20 years later, it’s funny. Macauley Culkin? Every kid wanted to be him! I wanted to be him! Watch “Home Alone” on XFINITY On Demand.

Holiday Viewing Traditions: Over the holidays, we’ll watch a movie, going to the movie theaters. I can’t wait to see the James Bond movie because my son already went and wants to go back and I want to go with him.

This Year’s Christmas Plans: I will be in Colorado with my dear friend Dr. Christopher Offutt. Remember I broke my toe [and he fixed it]? We became very good friends so we’re going to his house. Actually, my daughter fell in love with his son, she’s in love with Seth. I said [to her], do you want to go to Bora Bora or to Colorado to see Seth and she saved me a lot of money. She’s six years old. You know, you can be three years old or 70—when you look at somebody and you feel something, no matter what age you are, you feel it.

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Favorite Holiday Movie:A Christmas Story.” It’s a hilarious classic. They go to a Chinese restaurant and they try to get turkey but they get the duck and they sing fa la la la la. When I was training as an athlete, we were always training through Christmas so we’d always be eating Chinese food because everything else is closed. I could relate! Watch “A Christmas Story” on XFINITY On Demand.

This Year’s Christmas Plans: I haven’t spent Christmas away from my family my entire life so I’m sure I’ll be nestled in the woods somewhere with them. My mom, my dad, my sisters, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins. We celebrate Christmas like every East Coast Philadelphia Catholic family—Christmas tree, presents under the tree, you get down there at 8 o’clock in the morning like Santa came. I gotta do it! We watch all the Christmas movies, everything from “Rudolph [the Red-Nosed Reindeer]” to  “Miracle on 34th Street.” Watch “Miracle on 34th Street” on XFINITY On Demand.

This Year’s Christmas Plans:  I don’t celebrate Christmas. My family wasn’t raised religious. For us, New Year’s is the celebration. I just celebrate family and I celebrate New Year’s with my family every year.

This Year’s Christmas Plans: I’m going to go to Australia for Christmas and Maks [Chmerkovskiy] is coming with me!

This Year’s Christmas Plans: I will probably just be going home to Iowa. I haven’t really been home since before the Olympics. It’s been a long time so going home and spending it with them is going to be what I plan on doing.

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Favorite Holiday Movie: “A Christmas Story” because it’s just positive, optimistic. It gives you hope and makes you go in the right state of mind.

Holiday Viewing Traditions: I’ll do the “Dick Clark [New Year’s Eve] Special” definitely. To be honest, I always have a gift to get at the last minute. I usually have the big presents but I need to stuff the stockings and get the little ones so that happens on Christmas Day.

Holiday Family Traditions: I’m usually with my family and friends. My mom always does a Christmas tree—always! And every year since we came to the States, she would buy a little house or a church or a village to put underneath the tree. We’ve been in the States since 1993 and now it’s like a mini country there that takes up half the living room. Every year she adds one more and they’re pretty intricate. Some of them have slides and train stations. I love that stuff. My dad is Jewish so I also enjoy a Hanukkah bush decorated in blue. We spend time making breakfast. Usually, it’s difficult for me not to give the gifts earlier because I love watching my family and my friends open the boxes and say, this is so awesome. But for the most part, I wait and we open the presents.

Favorite Holiday Movie: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” I just love it because here you have an odd ball reindeer that nobody really wants to play with, which is like life sometimes. And now this reindeer has something to offer in order to make the world better. That’s a wonderful thing! It’s the original story about bullying.

Favorite Holiday Movie: “Home Alone.” It was the first Christmas film I saw when I came to the United States and I laughed so hard.

Holiday Viewing Traditions: When we do have the television on we watch a lot of Disney films and Christmas themed cartoons – like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

This Year’s Holiday Plans: I will be spending the holidays at home with family and friends – sharing time and catching up with everyone – since I have been away for the past 4 months in LA for “DWTS.”

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