Deep Soap: ‘General Hospital’s’ Crossover Experiment Gets Complicated

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The Gift That I Didn’t Know I Wanted

The “General Hospital”/“One Life to Live” crossover experiment got deliciously complicated this week when Carly (Laura Wright) and Skye (Robin Christopher) saw a picture of Blair’s (Kassie DePaiva) fiancé Tomas (Ted King) and realized he looked exactly like their dead ex, Lorenzo Alcazar. Could Tomas really be Lorenzo? If so, then does that mean that both of the twin Alcazar brothers were really Tomas going deep undercover? Did Tea (Florencia Lozano) have another brother?  Will Sonny (Maurice Benard) suddenly start remembering his years in Pine Valley where he went by the name Nico, though for some reason Skye has never made the connection? Will Carly (Laura Wright) and Todd (Roger Howarth) remember that they once lived in Corinth, though he didn’t stick around for long? Are Sam and Caleb in fact Caleb and Livvie from “Port Charles”?

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Howarth and Wright both launched their daytime careers when they were the winners of a casting search that sought to bring more young actors to “Loving.”  I have so many questions, most of which will probably turn out to have ludicrous answers. I am fine with that!  As a diehard Blair and Todd fan, I am in favor of anything that will keep her from marrying Tomas. As a diehard “One Life to Live” fan, I am thrilled that in some small way the canceled show is continuing via this storyline. When Todd told Carly and Skye that he was flying back to Llanview, I cheered. Even if Llanview is now represented by a living room that looks nothing like any of the OLTL sets.

If Tomas turns out to in fact be Lorenzo Alcazar, that means, among other things, that the father of Skye’s daughter, Lila Rae, is alive. It also means that Carly, Skye, Blair and Brenda have all dated the same man.  At least, I think it does.

Tomas’s sketchy backstory, which seemed like it was rewritten several times back on OLTL tried to make him both a good guy and the person who handed Todd over to the rogue government agency that tortured him for eight years. It is possible that during the many years he was out of contact with Tea he used a different name and participated in a variety of criminal activities. The ABC were established as being in the same universe long ago. It’s how Skye moved from “All My Children” to “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital.” But the current regime seems to be taking its cues from “The Avengers” assembling the ultimate team of fan favorites from various shows and eras – with the caveat that they must fit into the GH canvas.  Since Skye mentioned her Uncle Stuart back in Pine Valley (aww…) I can’t help wondering if she’ll seek out Adam’s advice on how to take over ELQ. Maybe it’s pandering to fanbases, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun.  I had no idea that I wanted Tomas to turn out to be Lorenzo until it happened.

My excitement about the Tomas/Lorenzo twist nearly made me forget about another thrilling development: the impending battle for control of ELQ. This is an old-school, character driven business storyline. The show wisely used Edward’s (John Ingle) death as a catalyst to reestablish the company as an entity. Edward’s will divvied up his holdings in such a complicated manner that you might need to make a spreadsheet to keep up with it. It immediately raises the stakes of A.J’s (Sean Kanan) return, gives Sam (Kelly Monaco), who as the holder of Daniel and Jason’s shares, power in the company along with the family housekeeper, Alice, who is  an unexpected wild card. Not only does this story restore ELQ as a viable entity within Port Charles, it resurrects the near-dead Quartermaine family.

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