Deep Soap: Watch the First 25 Episodes of ‘The Bold & the Beautiful’

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“The Bold & the Beautiful”  Releases Its First 25 Episodes Online

Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) succumbed to cancer on Monday’s episode of “The Bold & the Beautiful,” as her best frenemy Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) told her a story about their complex relationship. The final weeks of Stephanie’s life were full of flashbacks of her decades on the show. If they whetted your appetite, Xfinity has the first 25 episodes of B&B in their entirety. Watch them here.

If you’ve been watching the show since the beginning, it’s a great opportunity to relive the days when Ridge (Ronn Moss) was so handsome that he looked like the prince in a Disney cartoon; when Brooke was working her way through UCLA in her family’s catering business; Katie was a teenager with acne and denim overalls, and shoulder pads were the height of fashion. It’s a fun, fascinating time capsule.

Marvel at how great the production values were. Episode one, which I embedded above,  opens backstage at a fashion show, with dozens of extras getting the models ready for the runway. Ridge hilariously complains that Forrester’s clothes lack “sensuality.” Caroline was the original Hope, primly announcing that she will not have sex before marriage. Plus, a character  named Margo’s giant gold brooch steals the scene.

Everyone is young and gorgeous. Half of the characters didn’t last past the first couple years, but within the first ten minutes, the dynamics of the Ridge-Eric and the Ridge-Caroline relationship were already established. There’s a reason why Bill Bell is the master. Also, every time Ridge says he’s “turned on,” take a drink. Watch them and experience the 1980s in all of their glory.

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