‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith Has Surprising News

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This week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “I Was Made For Loving You,” is one for the shippers. Two relationships grow stronger, while two others are ripped apart.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) makes an inspiring speech about the lawsuit. I still think that suing the hospital for the plane crash makes about as much sense as suing Orbitz if it were a commercial flight. When Owen meets with the hospital’s lawyers, they make him sign a confidentiality agreement. They are worried he will talk to his wife, Cristina (Sandra Oh). He does not tell them that they aren’t exactly on speaking terms. The lawyers grill him about switching the charter plane firm for budgetary reasons even though they had a history of safety issues. Unless Owen was aware of those issues, which he was not, it does not seem like a plausible case. Owen thinks he needs to resign. A board member assures him he has the board’s full support. Owen asks the Chief why they aren’t firing him. He wonders if it’s because Owen is married to Cristina. When he meets with the board again, he realizes that they hope that since he stands to gain financially if Cristina wins the lawsuit, the case will be dismissed due to conflict of interest. Anyone who watches “The Good Wife” can find the flaws in this legal reasoning.

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It’s Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) first day back at work. Callie (Sara Ramirz) has instructed Alex to keep her busy and asks an intern to follow her discreetly with a wheelchair for when she gets tired. Arizona examines a boy who won’t talk. It turns out that Alex has bribed him to be quiet and not mention her leg. Arizona catches the intern with a wheelchair and sends her away. Alex and April treat a kid who was trampled by a horse. At April’s insistence they rush him to the operating room before the now slow Arizona can get there. Arizona handles the surgery fine but trips over a table afterward. She gets up, laughing. Perky Arizona is back, and she is once again affectionate with Callie.

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Bailey (Chandra Wilson)  complains to everyone that Ben wants a big Christmas wedding. She just wants to go the courthouse because she has been married before. Everyone thinks she is nuts. Even Cristina tells her to suck it up and put on a long white dress like she did for Owen. “Grey’s” is a show that’s all about the romances, but most of the female characters have no interest in weddings, fashion, or dates. It’s an interesting dichotomy.

April realizes her period is late. She tells Jackson (Jesse Williams). Why doesn’t she take a pregnancy test before she panics? She is in a hospital. There are plenty. Jackson thinks the same way I do. April decides on a blood test because they are more accurate. April cries to Meredith that her plans for getting married and having a baby are wrecked. Meredith tells her to forget plans and embrace the situation. Jackson takes her blood. She has to go into surgery right away. Jackson says if she’s pregnant, he’ll marry her and raise the baby. He wants to be with her. April is thrilled. They get the results. She isn’t pregnant. She says, ‘Thank you Jesus. Now we don’t have to get married.” She is relieved to be free, even though marrying him without having a baby would solve all of her sexual hang ups. She realizes Jackson is disappointed. She wants to keep dating. He thinks her not being pregnant is a sign that they should break up.

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Bailey and Cristina treat a man who has been waiting years for a liver transplant. He is very optimistic. His boyfriend is pessimistic. They are stand ins for Owen and Cristina. Cristina asks Owen why he wanted her to come back since he treats her like a stranger. He points out that she left and that they want different things. There is a problem during surgery. It turns out the patient is rejecting his liver. He will only live for about another week. He gives a sage speech about how it will be okay because they will make the week count. Bailey observes Cristina being kind to her interns and says that she has changed. Cristina invites Owen over to talk. He blurts out that they should get a divorce, thinking of the lawsuit, but because of the confidentiality agreement he can’t tell her. She just thinks he wants to end things.

Callie shows Derek her plans for the surgery to fix his hand. He keeps demanding alternate plans, saying she hasn’t found it yet. Meredith examines a patient who keeps grabbing her ass. She realizes it is a grasping reflex. She thinks he could have a frontal lobe brain tumor. It turns out the tumor is huge and might be inoperable. Meredith shows Derek the x-rays. He knows how to treat it. She tells him he has to get his hand fixed. He approaches Callie with a new optimistic attitude, saying they will make a plan together. When Derek comes home, Meredith surprises him with the news that she’s pregnant! MerDer shippers, this is your week! She hasn’t told anyone else yet because she’s scared it won’t work out.  I predict that after a difficult pregnancy, she will have a daughter and name her Lexie.

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