Poll: ‘Seinfeld’ Edges Out ‘Honeymooners’ as Greatest Sitcom of All Time

'Seinfeld's Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld (NBC)

A new comedy-themed poll conducted by “60 Minutes” reveals that the majority of Americans think “Seinfeld” is the greatest sitcom of All Time.

The modern sitcom classic just barely edged out a TV comedy classic, as Jerry Seinfeld’s show about nothing got 22% of America’s vote, eclipsing the 20% who selected “The Honeymooners.”

NBC’s old TV “Friends” came in third place with 16%, followed closely behind by “Cheers” at 14%.

On the opposite end of the giggle meter, the cult comedy “Arrested Development” received 7% of the votes; “Mary Tyler Moore‘s” got spunk but that got just 6%; and “30 Rock” came in at 5%.

It was a mixed bag when it came to late-night laughs. The survey says that your average American is split on their picks for funniest late-night host: David Letterman (13%), Jimmy Fallon (12%), Conan O’Brien (12%), Jimmy Kimmel (8%) and Craig Ferguson (4%) — but the winner was Jay Leno with 24%.

Elsewhere in the poll, respondents determined that Q is the funniest letter of the alphabet and that 60 percent of Americans (both men and women) believe that men are funnier than women.

The survey also mined this unsurprising statistic: D.M.V. employees were selected as the least likely to crack a smile, topping the lack of humor expressed by airport workers, toll collectors and nightclub bouncers.

“60 Minutes’s” December survey was conducted as a tie-in to the new Comedy issue of Vanity Fair. View the results at 60minutes.com.

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