‘RHOATL’s’ Brunch From Hell: The Ladies Bite Off Kim Zolciak’s Head

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Kim brought Sunday night’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to a head when the ladies had had enough of her post-marriage antisocial behavior.

While the rest of the cast were finding ways to cozy up to each other (and Kenya a little too much on Phaedra’s man Apollo), Kim was busy in her own world, dictating to her assistant Sweetie to wipe the dog poop off the floor of her old town home that she was forced to move back into after getting evicted from her dream/haunted mansion.

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After having changed their work schedules to accommodate perpetually preggie Kim, the ladies all get together for brunch to discuss their upcoming couples trip to Anguilla.

Once 1) Phaedra and Cynthia make peace over baby-party gate via a bouquet of flowers, 2) Kenya invites herself on the trip and scares everyone with her reptilian contact lenses, and 3) Kandi and NeNe avoid looking at each other as if neither want to turn to stone, Kim waddles in ready to contradict herself and make everyone’s blood boil.

As the ladies nervously try to confirm that she and Kroy are coming, Kim immediately fulfills their worst fears: She says she’s not sure if she can make it because her doctor may not think it’s a good idea.

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Beads of angry sweat begin to burst forth from the ladies’ pores. Almost in the same breath, Kim admits that she and Kroy will be going on vacation at exactly the same time everyone had planned to go to Anguilla! Say whaaat?! The ladies stare at each in disbelief and give each other looks of constipation as if they’re all smelling a honking pile of BS.

Cynthia and Kandi angrily point out that everyone changed their plans to match Kim’s schedule, but Kim casually replies that going out of the country is not an option; she also claims she’s eight months pregnant, which makes NeNe’s eyebrow raise since it was just the other day that the blonde had said she was four months along.

“Are you really committed to our wonderful friendship?” interjects Phaedra to Kim. “Since you got married, maybe you don’t have time for your girlfriends anymore.”

“You know, I really don’t,” Kim says, as the ladies gasp. “I got married, I had a baby. My priorities have changed.”

Her bleached teeth about to shoot out from her mouth, NeNe decides it’s time to bring out a can of NeNe-style whoop a** on her frenemy: “You make excuses all the time!” she screams.

“You leave early every time!” Kandi adds. “You have a good excuse for everything!”

“Do not lie on meeee!” NeNe yells at Kim, whose synthetically filled lips are about to spew venom. Feeling ganged up on, the Wig Worshiper shoots up from the table and storms off to her car.

“Get out of my f*ckin face, you hear me!” Kim blasts as she bops the camera.

And we know the rest is history….

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