‘The Good Wife’: One Murder, Two Trials

Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) in "The Good Wife" (Photo: Jeffrey Neira/CBS)

The Thanksgiving episode of “The Good Wife” would have been the perfect fall finale. So much happened, from Alicia sleeping with Peter to Cary threatening Nick. Instead we get the “Battle of the Proxies,” a perfectly serviceable episode with much lower stakes for Alicia.

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A Justice Department lawyer wants to talk Eli (Alan Cumming), about Woostergraph industries, a company he used to represent. He shows Diane a photo of him with Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) that someone took of him. He doesn’t want Peter to find out. The Justice Department Lawyer admits that this is an investigation of Eli’s wife’s campaign finances. They think Eli offered his crisis management clients a discount if they donated to his wife’s campaign. It’s a far fetched claim. It turns out that The department is really searching for illegal campaign contributions to Peter’s campaign. The justice department confiscates Eli’s computers. Maybe we’ll finally find out what was casing all of the technical glitches at Lockhart-Gardner last season.

Will (Josh Charles) makes the opening statements in a murder case. His client, Troy, an executive, is charged with killing a young woman at a music festival. In the small town where the body was found, another man is being tried for the crime. No explanation is given for why two separate trials for the same crime would happen simultaneously, but apparently technically it’s legal.The opposing council,  Laura (Amanda Peet) objects to him mentioning the other trial against the judge’s orders. However, the small town trial can mention Troy’s trial, per the small town judge. The small town State’s Attorney rejects Alicia’s (Juliaana Margulies) offer of help, even though has a soil analysis of the clay loam. In the small town, the expert testifies that foot prints matching shoes found in the ex-boyfriend’s closet were at both crime scenes. The defense attorney points out that the footprints also matched Troy’s shoes. Alicia throws the State’s Attorney the soil analysis. It proves the boyfriend had clay loam on his shoes.

In Chicago, a witness testifies that he heard the victim screaming to Troy to get away from her. Will gets the man to admit he was wearing ear plugs that night. Will gets him to put them on. Kalinda screams “I’m not getting murdered. I’m just screaming in the hallway.” He can’t hear her.

In small town USA, a local cop testifies to the history of domestic violence between the victim and the boyfriend. Brody, the Chicago State’s D.A. starts assisting the defense. He and Alicia are basically trying the case by proxy. In Chicago, the case is going badly for Troy. Kalinda uncovers evidence that shows he is guilt, which would not be a problem for a defense attorney except that they can’t do anything to help the innocent small town guy. Will advises Alicia that she has to make the boyfriend look guilty. Both men end up being convicted. Will buys Laura a drink, and it seems like they have chemistry. He says they can now help the other guy on his appeal.

Alicia discovers that somebody has been searching for information about condoms on her home computer. By the way, there is no follow up to her sleeping with Peter last week. Alicia grills Zach about his girlfriend Nissa. He tells her that he isn’t having sex and points out that Grace is dating bad boy Connor now. Grace vociferously denies searching for condoms or having sex, pointing out that she could use her own computer for age inappropriate searching. Has Alicia not considered that her mother, Jackie, Owen or Peter might have used her computer on Thanksgiving? Sure enough, Zach does a cache search. He thinks it was Jackie because it happened on Thanksgiving right after Jackie checked her email. She and her male nurse must be having  fun. They agree never to speak of it again.

Nick (Marc Warren) tells Alicia he doesn’t want Cary (Matt Czuchry) working on his case because he accused him of running drugs. Alicia pretends to talk to the partners then says that it is no longer in the firm’s interest to represent him. Nick warns her not to tell anyone about the drug charges. Alicia points out that attorney-client privilege is null and void if he threatens her. Alicia asks Kalinda if she should be afraid of Nick. Kalinda assures her she won’t be in danger. Kalinda mows Billy down with her car, finds drugs in his tow truck, then tells him Nick can find her at work. Kalinda tells Nick she phoned the police about his drug smuggling. He better return to Canada. She left ten grand for him in a bus station locker. He doesn’t believe she called the cops. He asks what her plan B is. The next time we see her she’s with Alicia. She assures her Nick is gone. The ambiguous look on her face either means that he left or he was arrested or that she killed him. Either way, it’s an anti-climactic end to a story that flopped.

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