Watch: Dead Cats in the Freezer on Worst ‘Hoarders’ Ever

Was this the sickest “Hoarders” ever?

We admit we haven’t seen every episode of “Hoarders” over the six seasons this remarkable, astonishing, appalling series has been on TV. But we’ve seen quite a few, and we can’t remember a worse situation than the one showcased in the episode seen Monday night (Dec. 3) on A&E.

We had to avert our eyes at times while watching the spectacle unfolding in one of the two stories featured in the hour-long episode. It was the story of a woman named Terry who occupies a disturbing sub-category in the hoarding phenomenon — animal hoarding, in which the subject compulsively collects stray animals, and sometimes the carcasses of dead ones, filling his or her house with animals he or she cannot afford to care for.

And, as the animal population grows, the hoarder’s ability to maintain order deteriorates until the home contains little more than feral animals and their fecal waste.

Such was the case with this woman named Terry, who collected live cats, which then bred even more cats, until she lacked the resources necessary for their veterinary care. As a result, her cats suffered from malnutrition, hideous skin sores, blindness, mouth ulcers and heaven knew what else.

And when they died, she couldn’t bear to part with them, so she placed them in her freezer, or stored them in an unrefrigerated closet in Zip-Loc bags. These were the scenes from which we had to avert our eyes, even though, generally speaking, we’re usually able to stomach the scenes on “Hoarders.”

However, even the experts seen on “Hoarders” — who have seen everything — were sickened by the cat corpses in the freezer. Psychologist Robin Zasio couldn’t help retching when she unsuspectingly opened the freezer door, never expecting it would be filled with dead cats, particularly a brown one in the foreground without eyes.

As for the live cats, animal experts were on hand to evaluate their health and decide whether they should live or die. For most of the feral felines, the news was not good.

Well, you can’t say you haven’t been warned: Watch this incredible, disturbing episode of “Hoarders” (above), if you dare.

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