Watch: Mr. Burns Explains the Fiscal Cliff

Montgomery Burns (FOX)

Still sore from his failed public endorsement of Mitt Romney for the presidential election, Montgomery Burns, resident billionaire of “The Simpsons,” is back for another round of politics.

This time around, he takes on the topics of the looming “fiscal cliff” and immigration in a new video posted on YouTube today.

“Think of the economy as a car and the rich man is the driver. If you don’t give the driver all the money, he will drive you over a cliff. It’s just common sense,” Mr. Burns explains to viewers. “Furthermore, rich people feel things more deeply than the common man.”

Burns then takes on a broader stance on immigration in an effort to woo voters.

“We’ve got to change our approach to immigration. I have a progressive proposal to let into this country 200 grimy Irishmen a year,” he says. “I’ve got lots of potatoes that need peeling and staples to be mucked out.”

Check out the clip for more…

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