Did ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Lose Its Focus with Intern-Centric Episode?

"Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

The new crop of interns have been on “Grey’s Anatomy” all season, but I still can’t remember most of their names. They just aren’t very interesting. So this week’s episode, which focuses on the wide interns at the expense of the characters we actually care about, was a dud.

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The Highlights:

Derek’s Sister Arrives Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) asks Heather (Tina Majorino) to call all of Derek’s sisters to see who would like to donate a nerve for his hand surgery, even though Derek has stated he wants to use a cadaver nerve.  One, says yes. Derek (Patrick Dempsey)  is livid that Meredith went behind his back and tells Heather to call back and cancel. Meredith tells her not to do anything. At the end of the episode, Derek’s sister Lizzie (Neve Campbell) arrives. Her first act is to accurately diagnose Heather as a child of divorce who was always stuck between her warring parents.  We already know, from “Private Practice,” that Derek has a sister with a substance abuse problem. Perhaps Lizzie will prove equally dysfunctional. Watch the clip of her arrival and formulate an opinion about Lizzie.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Grey-s-Anatomy/5191720111929016112/11443267521/Love-Turns-You-Upside-Down/embed 580 476]

Meredith’s Pregnancy Is Not A Secret Anymore While using Meredith’s phone, Heather answers a call from her obstetrician and learns that Meredith is pregnant. Callie (Sara Ramirez) also overhears. We have now established that Meredith is eight weeks pregnant.

Ross Establishes Himself as the Top Intern Ross (Gaius Charles) learns a lot about patient care while working with the newly red haired April (Sarah Drew) on lump and bump removal. He uses that knowledge to secure the opportunity to scrub in on Derek’s surgery. Plus, he will always be Smash from “Friday Night Lights” to me.

The Lowlights:

The Artsy Slow Daydream Montages Throughout the episode, as the intern try to figure out how to treat patients, they go into strange reveries where they seemingly imagine themselves treating patients. They are distracting and weird and don’t add anything to the episode.

The Continued Rudeness of the Attendings to the Interns Calling the interns snarky nicknames, as all of the attendings seem to do, is not funny. It is rude, unprofessional and makes it far more difficult to remember the characters actual names. Nobody should have to put up with being called Grumpy or Princes at work. It makes Cristina and Alex look bad.

The Heavyhanded Attempts to Make Us Care About the Interns While Grey’s had introduced lots of new characters over the course of its run, introducing so many newbies at once is annoying. It didn’t work with the Mercy merger, though that ultimately brought us April and Avery (Jesse Williams), and it’s not working here. I don’t care that “Princess” grew up in foster care because I still can’t distinguish her from “Perky” and all the other Caucasian brunette interns. I also didn’t care that Perky and Grumpy’s rivalry led to them getting suspended, because I have no interest in seeing them on screen. Fortunately, next week’s episode will get back to the characters we actually like, with Bailey’s wedding and Owen and Cristina angst.

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