‘The Vampire Diaries’: Yes, Elena is Sired to Damon, But it’s Not That Simple

"The Vampire Diaries": Nina Dobrev as Elena -- (Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW)

Last week on “The Vampire Diaries,” Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) finally slept together, but the show claimed that her attraction to him was based on a sire bond. It was a twist that seemed like a cop out to a lot of people including me. In this week’s episode, “We’ll Always have Bourbon  Street,” the show sort of fixes the problem, but not in a satisfying way.

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The Highlights:

Yes, Elena Is Sired to Damon, But… Stefan (Paul Wesley)  tells Damon about his sire bind theory right away. Damon puts it to the test by telling Elena that she can drink from a blood bag now. It works, and she seems to be instantly cured of her urge to kill people. Stefan reminds Damon that a woman was sired to him once before, in 1942 in New Orleans. So they visit in an attempt to find the witch who could fix it. The bad news: the cure involves killing a dozen humans for their souls. The worse news: the witch who told Damon that in 1942 was lying. She just wanted the human souls so she could practice a form of dark magic known as Expression. The better news: Elena’s feelings for Damon have nothing to do with being sired. In fact, vampire sire bonds only happen when the vampire had feelings for her sire while she was human. Tyler confirms this to Elena, who found out about the bond from Caroline, by pointing out that he hated Klaus while he was sired to him. The worst news: the actual way to break a sire bind is for the vampire to tell the vamp who is sired to forget about him, then leave. Damon attempts to do this to Elena, but she cuts him off, saying that what’s between them feels right. I don’t understand why Damon can’t just command Elena to have free will and stop telling her what to do. It doesn’t make much sense and is an unsatisfying way for the show to hedge its bets with the Delena relationship.

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Lexie is Back! Lexie (Areielle Kebel) appears in the 12942 flashbacks. She coaches Stefan, who has not seen Damon since 1912, into apologizing to his brother. Then she stops Damon from enlisting in the army with Stefan because she knows that Damon will make Stefan backslide into ripper mode. As always, she is fierce and awesome.

Girl’s Night Elena has an honest-to-God girl’s night with Bonnie (Kat Graham)  and Caroline (Candice Accola) at Casa Salvatore. They drink champagne, dance, run around and watch Elena’s vampire speed in a product-placed cellphone video. Bonnie shows off her new “natural magic” that Professor Shane is teaching her. It’s adorable and a nice reminder that these characters are still in high school.

Tyler is the Leader of the Pack Kim (Alyssa Diaz) decides to challenge Tyler’s (Michael Trevino)  leadership of the hybrid pack. She gets Adrian to stop practicing changing into a wolf in order to break his bond. Then she crashes Girl’s Night and nabs Caroline. Elena begs Kim to hurt her instead, since Klaus needs her. Tyler stakes Kim in the stomach and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t accept that he’s in charge. All of the other hybrids fall to their knees. Caroline does not seem entirely comfortable with her boyfriend’s Alpha side. I think it’s fascinating. Tyler isn’t just being altruistic. He wants to stop Klaus, and be a leader. He is the mayor’s son, after all.

Professor Shane Is Worse Than You Imagined Shane tells Hayley that she needs to bring him a dozen unsired hybrids. Note that’s the same number of humans that the witch in New Orleans wanted. The number seems important. In exchange, he will tell her about her birth parents. After Tyler ascends to packmaster, she tells him she has got everyone in line. He reveals that her parents are dead, but implies that they can bring him back. That magic he is teaching Bonnie? It’s Expression.

The Lowlights:

The New Orleans Flashbacks Were Not Up to the Show’s Usual Standard TVD usually excels at flashback episodes, but overall this week’s weren’t up to par. In part it was because they were devoted to selling the existence of the vampire sire bond, but Damon’s decision not serve in World War II because Lexie told him it would hurt Damon was really not that compelling– pun intended.

Jeremy’s Absence Was Conspicuous Last week, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was fighting the urge to kill Elena thanks to his newfound hunter powers. She had to move out of her house. This week, not only was he not in the episode, but Elena didn’t seem the least bit concerned about him. Jeremy and Matt’s bro house looked like it would be a lot of fun, and Jeremy’s urge to kill vampire shouldn’t have disappeared just because Elena moves out. They may not have had room for the characters in the episode, but there should have been a better explanation.

The Vampire Sire Bond Still Comes Out of Left Field I’m trying to keep an open mind about the sire bond. I get that it’s a way to provide angst for Delena and make their love even more forbidden, but it still seems like the show is not playing fair. It’s a huge misstep in a show that rarely makes major mistakes.

The Best Quotes:

“Sired? Really Stefan, that is the most pathetic nonsense to come out of your mouth, and you’ve said some crap in your day.” – Damon speaks for the audience.

“The only reason you want to break Elena’s sire bond is to restore her original factory Team Stefan settings. ” – Damon hits Stefan with the truth.

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